D - Psionicist


Races: Gibberlings, Xadaganians, Arisen
Roles: DPSCrowd Control
Attributes: Luck, Intelligence, Perception, Wisdom
Armor: Cloth (1), Leather (20)
Weapons: One-Handed Daggers, Paired Fist Weapons, Off-Hands, and Wands

The most mysterious of all the archetypes, psionicists are the masters of mind magic. They are highly valued by their allies for their ability to cast powerful offensive spells and destroy an enemy’s consciousness. Additionally, after establishing a mental link with an enemy, a psionicist can easily manipulate their minds impede their movements. They are also skilled at confusing their adversaries, and they can even turn an enemy’s own power against themselves.

Psionicists can use one-handed daggers, paired fist weapons, off-hands, and wands. Psionicists can be a Gibberling seer in the League, or an Arisen occultist or a Xadaganian mentalist in the Empire.



Special Skill: “Elevated Insight” temporarily allows the psionicist to predict their enemies’ actions and dodge all of their physical attacks.

There are three types of higher magic – elemental magic, death magic, and mind magic. While many races only aim to master the first two, the Gibberlings put a lot of effort into mastering the last. The explanation for this inconsistency probably lies in the Gibberlings’ religion, which is heavily reliant upon fortunetelling and fate. They also believe that seeking answers through traditional methods is a waste of time, and prefer to peer into the future or read the minds of others for their information. Lately, the Gibberlings have learned to use their powers to become weapons as well, twisting and torturing the minds of their enemies.



Special Skill: “Mental Resilience” gives the psionicist’s spells a chance to remove the Mental Overload effect.

After emerging from their tombs, the Arisens’ rotting flesh was replaced by mechanically enhanced parts. But even with their superior bodies, they never forgot that true power lay in their minds, and that it was their ability to think that separated them from mindless zombies. This led the Arisen to heavily study the art of mind magic, leading to the creation of powerful occultists. They strive to use the power of their minds to the utmost potential, whether they are at the Zem Institute of Technology, on the battlefield, or serving the Imperial Intelligence Service.


Special Skill: “Will of the Mentalist” temporarily makes the psionicist invulnerable to physical attacks.

As any intelligent citizen of the Empire knows, the mind is a very important thing. Whether through propaganda or mind magic, the ability to capture the minds of others is indispensible to victory. For this reason, Yasker himself ordered that any Xadaganian with an aptitude for mind magic hone their skills and join the Imperial Army as mentalists. There they have an opportunity to turn the minds of their enemies against them, and typically enjoy breaking their will before finishing them off.