B - Mage


Races: Elves, Kanians, Arisen
Roles: DPS, Crowd Control
Attributes: Luck, Intelligence, Perception, Wisdom
Armor: Cloth
Weapons: Staves, One-Handed Daggers, Off-Hands, and Wands

Mages are masters of elemental magic that can cast powerful offensive spells. They can incinerate their enemies with a simple wave of their hand, or blast them with deadly lightning bolts. They are also skilled at impeding their enemies’ movements and can immobilize them with layers of ice. The most skillful mages have also learned to master the unpredictable entropy created by elemental magic, and can use it to enhance their power or cast difficult spells at the right moments.

Mages can use staves, one-handed daggers, off-hands, and wands. Mages can be an Elven archmage or a Kanian magician in the League, or anArisen sorcerer in the Empire.



Special Skill: “Arcane Mastery” temporarily increases the Intelligence of the mage.

The Elves were one of the first races to use magic, and it has always had a role in every aspect of Elven life. They study the basics of elemental magic during their childhood at the same time they learn how to read and write. Because of this, new magical achievements are one of the primary ways that the different Houses gain superiority in the Elven struggle for power called the Great Game. Since they practice from such an early age, it is no surprise that the Elves are some of the best mages in the League.


Special Skill: “Focused Mind” temporarily prevents all spell casting interruption to the mage.

Kanians are not the most talented race in Sarnaut when it comes to magic. However, there are a few who possess an instinctive inclination to discover the secrets of the arcane. They typically become magicians, and from their ranks occasionally rise magnificent Great Mages. Because of their rarity, magicians are always elite troops in Kania. Their powers are used to suppress and decimate their enemies, while the rest of the army tries to protect them from any threats. Because of their abilities, they usually inspire awe and respect and frequently become military leaders.



Special Skill: “Astral Arrow” inflicts a large amount of Astral damage.

When the Arisen first rose up from their graves, they were weak-willed and disoriented. After many years, the Xadaganians discovered their proficiency at magic and allowed them to become scholars of the Xadaganian wizards. They quickly surpassed their teachers, and soon the Sorcerers began to rediscover the teachings of the Zem civilization, bringing the magical capabilities of the Empire to a new level. Today Xadaganian wizards are all but extinct, realizing that they will never surpass the sorcerers who increase their proficiency in magic on a daily basis.