A - Healer


Races: Elves, Kanians, Xadaganians, Arisen
Roles: DPS, Healer
Attributes: Luck, Intelligence, Perception, Faith, Wisdom
Armor: Cloth (1), Leather (10), Plate (30)
Weapons: Staves, One-Handed and Two-Handed Maces, Shields, Off-Hands, and Wands

Healers have mastered the power of the Light and depend upon their faith to guide their actions. They can vanquish their foes with deadly offensive spells or close combat techniques, destroying their enemies with the use of holy magic or crushing them with their weapons. Healers are also extremely proficient in healing their allies one at a time, and they are capable of casting powerful spells that can mend even the gravest wounds.

Healers can use staves, one-handed maces, two-handed maces, shields, off-hands, and wands. Healers can be an Elven priest or Kanian cleric in the League, or an Arisen heretic or a Xadaganian inquisitor in the Empire.



Special Skill: “Vindictive Punishment” marks the target with a brand that burns their mana or energy for each spell they use.

Every single Elf strives to become as perfect as they can be. With the introduction of holy magic, they were able to enhance themselves to a new level of perfection. The death of Tensess was the main factor that led the Elves to accept the Church’s doctrines. They believed that the Great Mage of Kania died not only with dignity, but in a heroic and beautiful way that was worthy of respect. Accepting the Church then brought the grandeur of its rituals and the art of iconic painting. Elven priests are typically known as the strongest preachers, capable of powerful sermons and bringing beauty to every service.


Special Skill: “Tensess' Shield” surrounds the healer with a shield that temporarily absorbs all damage.

Clerics are the devoted servants of the Church of Light. During peacetime their mission is to spread the teachings of the Church, as well as to help the sick and the feeble by using holy magic to heal. But when war comes, they fight side by side with the other defenders of the League. Nearly every military squad contains a cleric that provides healing and guidance to the troops. However, there are also special squads of clerics that use their skills in close combat to bring divine retribution to their enemies.



Special Skill: “Warped Faith” temporarily increases the Faith of the healer.

The Arisen are the most magically gifted race in the Empire, and possibly even in all of Sarnaut. Because of this, a group of Arisen known as heretics became disciples of the Trinity Church simply to master the holy magic it offered, and to expand their race’s knowledge of the magical arts. The heretics spend more time than any other group researching the mysterious origins of holy magic and inventing new ways to use its power. Ironically, this makes them some of the most devoted followers of the Church, despite their indifference to its religious doctrines.


Special Skill: “Unshakeable Conviction” temporarily grants the healer’s party members immunity to control spells.

Due to the military culture of the Xadaganians, all are brought up to be soldiers and remain so regardless of the occupation they choose to pursue. This means that all serve in the army when their country is in need, even the Inquisitors of the Trinity Church. Their main task on the battlefield is to heal the wounded, resurrect the fallen, and assure the soldiers of the righteousness of their deeds. But they also punish any sinners that cross their path, bringing justice to both apostates and deserters.