04 - Wiki group

Only quality contributors can get a collaborator status on the Allods Online Codex. Therefore the first time you want to contribute, you will need to prove you're aiming at providing insightful contributions and volunteering among the community. Only Official European Game Master Team. can grant you "collaborator" status.

Before reaching Official European Game Master Team please follow these steps and information :

1) Join the Guild Portal Community so you can begin participating in the discussions, searching for a guild, and uploading your in-game screenshots and videos.

2) Publish a blog on the Guild Portal demonstrating you can provide meaningful content that could be an addition in the Allods Online Codex then contact 
 via the Guild Portal and describe your ambitions among the community.

3) Based on the relevance of your contribution you may get join the Wiki Group and get "collaborator" status. Joining this group would be then able to contribute freely as long as you coordinate with the group and when making major updates.

4) Please make sure you fully understand the organisation of data (page tree, URL naming and numbering) prior to create new entries. Allods Online wiki relies on this organisation to make navigation easy to viewers so bear this in mind when adding content. Do not alter irresponsibly the page tree by creating pages in main root instead:

5) Whenever you need practicing or testing, feel free to use the sandbox area and create an subpage with your name and create as many subpages as projects you're contributing in. When clearly satisfy with the result, feel free to poke others for comments then make sure you fulfill requirements mentioned in section 4 above before simply moving/renaming your pages or overwrite content.

4) In order to notify the group of major page update, please publish your version in comments prior to overwrite content. Bear in mind this is a collaborative space and therefore you shall not delete others content without having done a minimum attempt to consult initial authors.

5) When using content from outside the wiki or not issued by you directly make sure to credit the real site or authors and link to source. Allods Online wiki is purely informative and factual. Therefore avoid any lobbying, trolling, griefing, and commercial advertissments in your content.

6) Eventhough Allods Online Wiki is not restricted to European Allods Online Community, bear in mind that this wiki must only gather material, content and subject about Allods Online. Any mention to other game, even published by gPotato.eu, will be considered as "intrusive social engeneering" and lead to sanctions.

7) Eventhough Allods Online wiki relies on history revision and back ups, any kind of harmful behaviors or attempt to damage this site and/or this community will lead to sanctions.

8) Any abuse or violations of rules mentioned here will void your "collaborator" status by 
. All exclusion from the wiki group is permanent and definitive. Sanctions could also include gPotato.eu sites and games exclusions.

This wiki is made by the community and for the community, respect their dedication at all time!