33 - New Look Youtube Channels

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Due to the overwhelming contributions for the Allods Online communities, we haven't enough space on 1 Youtube channel to keep tabs on all your great work. That's why we decided to give each community it's own Youtube Channel, along with a great new design!

Allods Online English

Allods Online Germany

Allods Online France

Each site caters for their language's communities, so when you wanna see all those cool official videos and videos from your community, you can check them out on these Youtube pages. We always add great player-made Allods Online videos to our favourites list and when they are really good, they are highlighted on our channel pages too, so if you are a master of making epic MMORPG videos for Allods Online, share them with us through the Guild Portal or on any of our social networking site, all listed in the footer below. We'll even share some your great work over our Facebook and Twitter sites!

To give you and idea here are some of our favourite videos from the CBT right up to the buzzing Allods Online Community now:




Not all videos are about fighting, sometimes they are a little more...snazzy.


Always feel free to come to us with your great content. We believe that the Allods Community has some of the more creative players out there, so whether it's a video, artwork or a great piece of roleplay literature, we want to see it!