32 - Volume 3: A Closer Look At Interface Improvements

allods online volume 3 header

Hello Sarnautians and welcome to the latest part of your guide to the upcoming release of Volume 3: The Fury of War! You've been introduced to the new and updated features from things like the Astral Confrontations, Guilds and PvP areas (among others!), but today we're going to look at the changes that have been made to the functionality of the game, especially in areas that will equally concern characters from the Level 40 Paladin to the Level 1 Gibberling. So today we're looking at the updates to the avatar interface, bag, calendar and rune welding systems. We'll get to them below but first have a look at this screenshot to see what we mean so we can show you the changes made to the Avatar Interface.

Avatar Interface

allods online character window

As you can see there has been an overhaul of the interface to make it more user friendly. The four sections of the interface are now split between 'character', 'valuables', 'reputation' and 'skills'.
The main changes in all of these are:

  • Your character's attributes are now found in a separate tab that can be expanded from each of the four sections of the interface.
  • Four new slots, where you can equip your accessories and vanity items, such as the Kanian Noble Costume shown above.
  • Equipped items are now surrounded by five separate colours, indicating their importance.
  • In order these are white (normal), green (uncommon), blue (rare), purple (epic) and orange (legendary).
  • Valuables replaces the old currency screen.
  • Skills replaces the old professions screen.
  • Your character attributes screen now lists your resistances.

Any previous vanity items you have bought can also be used by unpacking the item in your bag with right click, it will then go into it's selected slot, based on what the item is.

Your Characater's Bag

One of the most important features in the game has been improved as well. Your character's bag has undergone a huge transformation from the standard two slot bag to the new three slot one with greater storage space. The old categories, of items and reagents, have been replaceds by spaces for items, professions and item shop wares to make navigation easier.

allods online UI screen

Now instead of starting off with a total of 36 slots in your inventory you begin your Astral adventure with 54 slots spread out through the three categories. For the experienced Allods Online players there are improved top level bags to obtain that give you even more room to store your items and skills. Further to that, if there are multiple windows open, items in the bag can be used by pressing shift + right click.

allods online bag window

Along with the other improvements to the Allods’ interface this will increase your in-game experience by allowing easier navigation and less time visiting the banks. Always a good thing when you’re in the middle of a quest!

Calendar Changes

Not only have we looked to improve the avatar interface and your character's bag, but we have also tweaked the calendar option and made big changes to the rune welding system! First we will look at the calendar before getting into the all-important rune welding updates. The two enhancements to the Calendar tab are that it now opens on the Recommended tab, rather than the Other tab, so as to immediately make you aware of whatever important tasks are ahead of you for the day. For extra time managaement you can now sort the Daily quests by order of what time they begin at. This should make it easier to keep track of those quests that are vital to increasing your character's level.

allods online calender window

As you can see daily quests like the June Catacombs are highlighted, so that you don't forget about them. If you haven't read up on the June Catacombs, Melting Isles or other new or improved areas in our previous guides than I'd suggest you do so, you really don't want to miss out on these exciting new adventures and the great items to be had by completing them! The new calendar interface is integral to keeping track of what is happening in the Allods Online universe and when, so have a look when you get in game!

Rune Welding

If you want to reach great heights in the game than rune welding has always been one of the most interesting aspects of the game. With the latest update we have revamped the rune welding interface to make it more user friendly. Not only that but, provided you have enough gold dust and crystal chips, you can now weld multiple runes at once!

allods online

You will still have to visit either Nezebgrad or Novograd, depending on whether you are Empire or League, so you can complete the martyr quest, but once complete you will be able to weld runes, after a quick visit to your faction's rune supply merchant of course! The new interface will allow up to 1024 runes to be welded at once, but also there's more. When using a rune that is currently bound you will now get a pop-up window warning you of this and asking if you wish to continue. Should you do so the resulting welded rune will be now be bound to your character immediately! It is now also possible to equip runes and use Parchements of Purification on equipped items and items found in the deposit box.

Hope you liked this part of the guide to the coming update and that you agree that the changes we've made to the interface will improve Allods Online for you. Have a look back tomorrow for the final part of your guide before the launch of your Volume 3: The Fury of War guide!