28 - Volume 3: A Closer Look At Guild Interface Pt2

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In the previous guide we had a look at the new interface of the guild, with a closer look at the new leveling system. Now, we will focus on how this system works and how it is utilised by the guild members, more specifically, in the Astral confrontations.


A) Overview

The guild’s reward is a brand new to Allods Online. Each time a guild will level up, a new reward will be unlocked for players. From the early levels it will be the possibility to obtain a guild tabard, from level 10, the Astral confrontation will be opened for the guild, from level 15 there will be a herald for the guild, followed spells unlocked for the Warlords which will be used during the Astral confrontation and so on!

B) Tabards

Tabards make guild members proud, and allows its guild members to be recognized everywhere they go. From guild level 1 the tabards will be available, and their number will grow to 100 in total when the guild reaches the level 100, with 12 for the Warlords’ tabards.

So how do you obtain one?

First, the guild leader will be the one allowing the guild members the right to wear a tabard or not. Members will have to be patient for 10 days before being granted the right to bear the tabard, except for the 6 players that created the guild, they won’t have to wait this time. And for these 6 players, instead of paying the amount of 100 gold coins they will be gain a discount which reduces the price to 5 gold coins.

allods online resources window

Just as they can give the right to wear a tabard, the guild leader can deprive a player from the right to wear it as well, and can transfer this right to someone else.

allods online guild members window granting right to tabard

This specific type of gear doesn’t only show your belonging to your guild, it will add a little more to your character and will increase:

  • The amount of Prestige won by 100%
  • All the stats of the character
  • The combat glory

  • In addition to this, the bonuses of the tabard increase every 5 levels of the guild. Another reason for everyone to contribute to the leveling of their guild!

    guild rewards window

    C) Heraldic

    The Heraldic. The one that will distance your guild from the others, the sign that you will have to wear with pride and make the guild’s members recognized everywhere they go in their adventures!

    The heraldic of the guild is available to pick from level 15 of the guild, the guild leader will be the only person to pick the heraldic in game. But that doesn’t prevent the guild members from having their say on their favourite heraldic. They can try the different combination with this useful application below:

    When the guild leader agrees to a heraldic with his guild’s members he’ll have to meet the guild master of his faction and acquire the Heraldic License.

    allods online heraldic license purchase window

    By right-clicking on this item you will see the menu of the Heraldic picker and be able to choose the guild’s heraldic. When this is done the bearers of the tabard will be able to see their new colours on their tabards!

    allods online tabard design window

    Let’s move on to the Warlord’s subject.


    A) Introduction

    Warlords are a really particular type of character, one that will fully understand their importance in the Astral confrontations with the special spells gained through the leveling of their guilds. Warlords need their Warlords’ Tabard, but they also need to have their guild on a high enough level to benefit properly from the full extent of their powers.

    From level 22 of the guild the availability of the Warlord’s tabard will be unlocked. As with the regular tabards the right to wear a Warlord’s Tabard is allowed by the guild leader, but the cost of this gear is more expensive as well, as it requires 350 gold coins. So, on top of being the star of their guild the Warlords have some advantages that are going to weigh quite a lot during the Astral confrontation when battling against the other guilds. Here’s a preview of what they can do...

    B) Advantages and Spells

    So, what is the little extra for these characters?

    • The Prestige won is multiplied by 3
    • The damage and healing is increased of +25% during the Astral confrontation
    • Their protection from damage dealt by other players during the Astral confrontation is increased by 20%
    • Their resurrection time is decreased by 50% during the Astral confrontation

    And a new set of spells which are going to be necessary to assure the possession of an allod during the Astral confrontation:

    Warlord’s Flag: Sticks a flag into the ground which increases Conviction, Willpower and Rage of all allies in a certain range.
    Warlord’s Hand: this spell draws all the allies to you. It can only be used during the Astral confrontation.

    Warlord’s Leap: this spell stuns you for 5 seconds, making you unable to move or use abilities but teleports you to the target. It also makes the target immune to all damage during 5 seconds.
    Warlord’s Revenge: Creates a vortex at the target location that decreases speed of all enemies caught inside for 5 seconds. As the vortex disappears, enemies left inside receive Holy damage equal to half of the target's maximum health.
    Warlord’s Veil: All party members within 30 yards become invisible for 60 seconds or until they perform any action. When this effect fades, attack speed and casting speed of a party member is increased by 25% for 6 seconds.


    A) Introduction & Rules

    The Astral Confrontation is a war of guilds for the control of a drifting allod in the deep Astral, which ensures access to one sector or more. To be able to capture an allod, a guild will need first to win an auction (accessible through the guild’s interface) and to succeed in the battle for the allod. You won’t be the only one to fight for this allod, so brace yourself to succeed for these two points if you want to control your own allod.

    As you will see in the “Allod” interface, the allods are located in several circles. The higher the circle, the higher the reward and the guild level has to be to attack it.

    The first circle of allods contains 6 allods of the lowest quality, they can be claimed by guilds that are not sure of their success in capturing the allod and keeping the control for weeks after weeks.

    The second circle consists of 3 allods of better quality, which can be claimed by stronger guilds.

    The third quality, as you can imagine, have a special and very precious allod. This is the only one in the circle, but this is the one which is going to give the winning guild Prestige and wealth!

    Guild planning to control one of the allods should check the circle if they are going to in the Astral map, to see the proper difficulty of it, and judge better their decision of attacking it. Keep in mind as well that a guild can control only one allod. If the guild capture another allod, the previous allod becomes then uncontrolled until a guild decides to claim it.

    The Astral confrontation is a weekly event, we can’t tell you the precise days and time as we are still adjusting it to our servers, but we can tell you the sequence of events, so as to give you a better idea of it. First the auction will start at a specific day and time to last for 24 hours. The guild with the winning bid will be able to teleport on to the allod a few days later and attack the chosen allod for duration of 3 hours. The winner will keep possession of the allod for the next seven days.

    Let’s see the auctions more closely now.

    B) Auctions

    The auctions are accessible through your guild interface. The latest wasn’t described in the first guide so we would be able to do it properly here, as it is directly related to the Astral confrontation.

    allods online bidding window

    You can see the list of the different allods, the type, sector, who’s occupying the allod at the moment and who’s plundered it. Then you have the column for the bidding.

    On the lower part of this interface you will see the rewards the guild will receive on the different actions taken on the allods.

    allods online astral dust item pick up

    And, on the very bottom, the betting options. This system doesn’t change much from the regular Auction House.

    The minimum bet for an allod is 100 gold coins and the maximum can be unlimited, note as well only the Guild Leader and his officers will be able to place the bets. A 5% tax will be charged for each bet, but won’t be given back if your guild loses the bet. If the player betting doesn’t have enough money for the tax he will receive an in game mail notifying of the lost auction.

    When the guild wins the bet half of the bidding is given back, the other half will be lost.

    C) Capture and Defend

    What happens when the auction is over?

    After the guild has taken the decision of which allod to fight for the Astral Confrontation goes to the next phase: the battle for the allod! As mentioned in the introduction the battle can only happen on a set time, which will be given later on.

    Before the start of the battle, 300 seconds before to be exact, the guild who won the auction will see a new button appear on the auction interface, thus allowing the guild members to be teleported directly on to the allod. To be able to do so, the guild has to meet some prerequisite conditions, such as: tabards, good allod picked etc...The characters can’t be teleported if the guild already has a raid to complete on the allod.

    Note that players that are going to be teleported need to have a tabard. If the characters aren’t already in a raid during their teleportation they will be added automatically to their guild’s raid. The leadership will be also be assigned depending on the overall score of: rank, tabard worn (regular or Warlord), Loyalty and Prestige points. The player with the highest score will be the leader of the raid.

    In case of the leadership is then assigned manually, it won’t be given back to the most “suitable” player.

    The battle will then start and last for 3 hours.

    If the attacking guild wins the battle the raid leader will determine the fate of the captures allod:

    • Capturing the allod: the guild takes control on the allod. If the guild controls an allod already, and isn’t contested, it will become neutral. If the battle is taking place for that allod it’ll turn neutral if the defenders win.
    • Plundering the allod: the guild takes half of the income generated by the allod, and it will stay under the control of the defenders.
    • Burn the allod: the allod turns neutral and no one receives an income from it.

    If the raid leader chooses nothing, and the guild doesn’t control any allod, the allod is captured. In the guild has an allod, the allod is looted.

    If a guild assaults a neutral allod it’ll be teleported there to fight against another guild, but won’t have rivals, instead they have one hour to capture the allod rather than three.

    The income from winning the allod will be given every day to the guild after the capture of the allod.

    In a case of a character dying during the battle he will not be sent to Purgatory, but to the Guild camp in which he will stay 60 seconds before his resurrection.

    An important note for the players, no Combat Glory will be won during the battle by killing the enemy players.

    D) Fight for the Allod

    When a raid is teleported to the allod it will choose between one of the two positions. As mentioned in the earlier part you will have one raid attacking and one defending. The allod has two well guarded camps and four checkpoints to be captured. If a raid captures a checkpoint it’ll be a very good advantage, as every checkpoint is guarded by turrets.

    Now, more about each raid:

    The defending raid is teleported to the allod. It will control the well-guarded camp and all Checkpoints. They will have a Great Mage to assist them in their battle as an ally. His role will be to guard the nearest Checkpoint to their camp and attack enemies. The defenders will need to think carefully though, so to not have the attackers taking control of the Checkpoints, killing the Great Mage or destroying the camp. You will need to prepare you tactics as you will need to destroy the attackers’ camp whilst protecting yours by using turrets.

    The attacking raid will be teleported to the allod which is already under control. They have to be fast for their attack and the other guild will be prepared to fight them. The attackers will have only one guarded camp, but though they will be gathered in only one place they still have the advantage, since they can go anywhere to attack the defenders and more importantly capture the Checkpoints.

    But some rules have to be followed:

    • Checkpoints are guarded by powerful but slow turrets. The priority is to capture the checkpoints and turrets and the more attackers there are the faster the checkpoint will be taken, also a high number of defenders can make it hard to take over the checkpoint.
    • Defenders have more advantages, even though the raid leader has to make very wise decisions to win the battle. Strategy will be your friend!
    • The defending Great Mage attacks everyone within his range, and believe me his range is quite big. So, attackers be careful not to get too near this one!

    To make your objective short: the attackers must destroy the camp of the defenders by capturing every checkpoint until the end. Don’t forget that if you have Warlords in your raid it can make a huge difference in the fate of the battle!

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