26 - Volume 3: A Closer Look At The New Guild System

allods online volume 3 header

Each new update of Allods Online comes with new and exciting features. Volume 3: The Fury of War emphasizes the community aspect of the game with the mutual aid between players, and more specifically, guilds. Being in a guild will be even more meaningful to everyone, as they will not only belong to a group of like-minded people but they will benefit from it with the new amazing features outlined in this guide

We will start our guide with an overview of the new guild interface, an explanation of the levelling of the guilds and how their members can contribute to it. This will be the first part of our focus, the second part will be available soon!


Remember how you created your guild?

You gathered 5 friends, bought a Crystal of unity from the Guild Master of your faction, activated it and picked a terrific name for your guild. Then you started to develop the number of your recruits to live an exciting adventure through Sarnaut together!

The creating process is slightly different now, even though the steps described before are still needed to create your guild. Now you will need to obtain a War Brotherhood Talisman from the Guild Master of your faction:

  • Oleg Shpilev, for the League, who is located in the Trade District of Novograd.
  • Semer Khenjder, for the Empire, who is located on the First floor of Yasker’s Tower.

allods online guild master league allods online guild master empire

Guilds created before this update will need to buy this War Brotherhood Talisman as well, to activate the progression of the guild. Once you receive this item in your bag, activate it with a right-click and you can finally start the leveling of your guild properly. Yes you heard it right, the leveling of your guild! But let us carry on the new interface of your guild before going deeper into this matter...

allods online brotherhood talisman description

When you access your guild interface from the Social icon (G) after the release of the Volume 3 you won’t only have two tabs showing you the list of guild members and its information as it used to be, now there are four tabs: Info, Members, Rewards and Allods.

Here a look of the revamped interface:

A) Info

guild information window

As you may notice there is a sensible change from before. In the upper part of the menu you will see the name of your guild, the current Level, the amount of Prestige and the rewards available for the next level up of the guild. This last feature will be explained later in this guide.

In the middle part of this menu you will still be able to write a nice description of your guild, but you can also include a message of the day for the latest news about your guild, or you could just type a good motivational line for your troops!

In the bottom part, you will now have the possibility to see more information about your guild, such as: your leader, the date of creation, and the current number of its members. Then there are more details of your character’s rank in the guild, with his/her current Prestige. Finally, in the Resources part, the current amount of regular and Warlord’s Tabards that can be given to members in the guild is found. This again, will be developed in the second part.

B) Members

allods online guild members window

This tab is pretty straightforward, with the full list of members present in the guild.

As in the old interface you can see the name, level, archetype, the rank (which is set by the Guild Leader), the Prestige, Loyalty and current location of the character.

At the bottom of the window the Guild Leader has the possibility to promote or remove another player in the guild, and also has the option to see the offline characters.

C) Rewards

allods online guild rewards window

The reward system which goes with the development of the guild is one of the new features that can’t be overlooked. Each time your guild levels up it will allow access to a specific reward for the guild members.

The reward can be a Tabard, a pick of your Heraldic sign, the possibility to participate in the Astral confrontation, specific spells for the Guilds’ Warlords and so on...this will be expanded in the next guide so, once again, be patient before its release!


After its creation each guild can develop and level up, just like a character!

allods online guild level up

A) Prestige and Symbols of Progress

When you activate the War Brotherhood Talisman your guild will be at level 1, with the possibility that it can go to the maximum level of 100. Each time your guild will acquire a new level the members will benefit from a reward.

As we talked about earlier on in the presentation of the new interface Prestige will play a part in the levelling of your guild. In game gold will be needed too, so as to buy the Symbol of Progress, which allows the unlocking of the next level of the guild.

allods online guild master quests list

If you don’t acquire enough Symbols of Progress while the Prestige is being won by the Guild members the guild will be stuck at its current level until a Symbol is bought, and thus wasting Prestige points won in the process. So keep track of the current level of your guild, so its evolution won’t be affected by this.

Keep in mind that Guild Members can buy these Symbols for their guilds, and you can acquire as many Symbols as you wish, unless you have unlocked your guild to the full 100 levels.

Now, the Prestige:

This indicates the overall reputation of your guild and the reputation that allows your guild to level up.

    It is acquired through the guild members’ actions in game, which are:
  1. Completing daily tasks collected from the Guild Master of their faction (players have to be level 8 minimum).
  2. Battling against the bosses in Heroic encounters, as well as the World bosses and the bosses in Demon City.
  3. Participating in the Astral confrontations.
  4. Participating in the PvP battles in Melting Island.

The overall Prestige won by all guild members is seen on the info tab of the guild interface as the blue bar:

allods online prestige meter

The Prestige points won by each character as well as their Loyalty points gained throught the quests will be seen in the Members tab:

allods online guild member window

Remember, the more you and your guild comrades accomplish in the daily quests, and the more monsters you defeat, the faster your guild will level up!

B) Loyalty

This is a new feature which represents the character’s contribution to the prosperity of the guild. The level of Loyalty of players will also affect the amount of Prestige points brought to the guild as a result.

The Loyalty varies from level 10 to level 100. When a new player enters the guild his level of Loyalty will be equal to 10, whilst the Veteran and older members of this guild can be up to 100. Loyalty is acquired in the same way as the Prestige points, although the Loyalty belongs to the individual player and not to the guild.

loyalty reward screen

On the contrary of the Prestige, which can only be won and never lost, Loyalty points can go up of course, but they can also go down. They do so if:
  • A member loses the right to wear a Tabard. His Loyalty points won’t go higher than 40 if lower than 40, or it will go down to this value if it was higher.
  • A character leaves the guild he will see his Loyalty fall to 10, and the amount of Loyalty of the remaining members will decrease by one tenth of this person’s Loyalty if it was over 10. (For example, if a player having 80 points leaves the guild, the other guild members with lose 8 points.). If this character enters another guild, his/her amount of Loyalty points will be 10.

In addition, the Loyalty points are reduced by 2 points every day, but won’t fall below 10 points in any case. So be sure to collect your daily quests from the Guild Master to benefit from these very special rewards, and to contribute to the prosperity of your guild!

We hope you enjoyed reading this guide, the second part will be focused on the rewards and their utilities for the Guild Members.