25 - Over 15k Members on the Guild Portal!

allods online 15000 guild portal members header

Now and then, Allods Online is known for reaching milstones, but today is a new milestone that very special to us and to the community make Allods Online into the high qaulity game that it is.

The official Allods Online Guild Portal has reached over 15,000 members!

Very seldom does a free 2 play mmorpg garner such a community of dedicated artisans, who have provided us such things as videos, artwork, and great stories. And through this beautiful content, have we grown such a positive and strong presence within the Allods community.

With the growth of the Guild Portal, comes future features and developments to help maintain a fresh and exciting environment for old and new members alike!

The beginning of these features is the new ability to sign into the Guild Portal with Yahoo!, Facebook or Google. If you are An old member then just link you account over! If you're a new member then no Guild Portal registration required! Just log in with your favourite network listed, set up your profile and your good to go!

GP log screen

What can I do when I logged onto my account?

Well you can share all your favourite content with a click of the button, shown below is an example:

If your celebrating the fact that it is Friday, then instead of opening so many different social networking sites, why not share them from one place? Go to "My Page" and you'll have the option of providing your status update straight form the Guild Portal to networks such as Facebook!

GB status update

Of course you can always share your favourite content within the Guild Portal through site such as Facebook too. Each piece of content created or uploaded on the Guild Portal can be shared though your linked account.

Just click your social network from the icon placed on the bottom of each article displayed below:

GP share story screen
Once you select the medium on which you wish to share with, then you should get a pop-up with the following warning:

GP acess allow screen

Just click "Allow" and your good to share your favourite content!

GP allods share

It's worth mentioning that attaching a Google Account will come in handy for such future features such as wikis (currently active on the French Guild Portal) may come into place.