24 - More Free To Play Than Ever

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It's not only the large updates that provide new MMORPG features and functions for Allods Online. Next Wednesday, October 27th, from 10:00 until 15:00 Western European Time, we will have a patch that will bring some changes to Allods Online which will not only benefit players in the long run, but there will also be more rewards thrown in making Allods Online more free to play than ever!.

allods online bullet point The quest "Regular Customers" has been altered:

- This quest now provides 2 rewards, a bound Small Cone of Incense and a bound Captain's Letter of Marque (experience scroll). Please note that the localisation for the experience scroll is not finalised, but the mechanic is working as intended. Localisation will be fixed in an upcoming patch.
- League players, this Quest is given by the Mysterious Family in the Gibberling District of Novograd.
- Empire players, this quest is given by Semer Nemar in Yasker Tower.
- You still need to talk to several NPCs to complete this daily quest.

allods online bullet point The quest "Special Delivery" and "A New Charter for Novograd" have been removed and replaced by one single quest.

- The new quest reward is 5 bound Phylacteries of passage. At the moment, these phylacteries have a timer expiry. We are currently investigating ways to have this timer longer.
- The new quest is short to complete and only requires talking to one same NPC. Players need to pay 20 silver to complete the quest. It is the same NPC from whom players can obtain the Martyr's Blessing, Marianne de Ardeur or Elizaveta Rysina.
- This quest can be completed daily.

The quest to obtain daily the effect of incense, for a time depending on your level is still in game. But this might not stay forever in order to adapt to all the changes above.

As part of our ongoing efforts, translations have been fine tuned, and we have adjusted the filters against the gold spammers.