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2010 - Pimp My Build Vol 1

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Volume 2: The Rise of Gorluxor has brought loads of changes across many classes.  While some players are nervous about how these changes will affect them, many have begun looking for a new build and play style that will efficiently complement the rest of their team.

It is now time to share this knowledge gained with the whole community!  Everyone has their own style, preference and goal with their build, and now we hope to show the benefit of each approach to each archetype.

We are therefore hosting a contest!  From today, Friday the 8th of October, until our next maintenance on Tuesday, the 12th of October, anyone who posts a mini-guide on our official Guild Portal or Official Forums will receive a Small Cone of Incense!  On Tuesday, your Game Masters will pick their favourite from EACH of the eight archetypes.  The authors of these mini-guides will receive a Water of Life and a Water of Death.

That’s right.  The authors of the best guide from EACH archetype will win a full respec: a Water of Life AND a Water of Death!

Each mini guide will have to include several categories:

    *Introduction: introduce your avatar, your guild, your role in a group or in a raid, and the reasons why you prefer that play style. 
    *Changes : Talk about the changes made to your class and how you have modified your build to adapt.
    *Your build : introduce your build including screenshots (talents and rubies).  Include a brief explanation of why you’ve chosen that build. 
    *Your play style : What type of gamer are you?  Do you prefer PvE, PvP, raids, astral, etc?  What are the advantages and disadvantages of this style? 

P.S.: This is a mini-guide, not a novel!  Be straight foward about the modifications to your build and the way you’ve adapted your play style, clearly give your point of view on why you prefer the style of build you’ve chosen.  Most importantly, make it interesting!  Include screenshots, images, and anything else you think might spice it up.