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2011 - You Are The Director

Coming hot on the heels of the official launch of Allods Online we will be adding an exciting update in July that will unlock the "Third Astral Layer, the Cave of Tka Rik and Rebirth in Sarnaut! If you thought the Second Astral Layer was tough than you haven't seen anything yet! The Astral Demons that inhabit the Third Astral Layer are of an even fiercer breed than anything you have encountered before. You will need to gather your best crew, find the sturdiest ship and maybe have a drink or two to settle your nerves before heading out there. With any great danger and challenge comes great rewards however, you will find this out not just in the Third Astral Layer but also in the Cave of Tka Rik. It's a brand new instance for you to discover on the Isle of Revelations. Not only will it offer great rewards to any party that is able to conquer it's challenges, but it will also give even greater insights in the mysteries surrounding Sarnaut and the June Curse. Last, but most definitely not least, in our major updates coming in July we have the Rebirth system. This will allow you to add skills from a completely different class to your character as you level up a companion for him/her. Think Batman & Robin, only with Robin not being so lame. We will have further details on the Rebirth system, Astral 3, Tka Rik and other changes coming your way in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

The Allods Online team will strive to meet this deadline and deliver the best quality content to you as always, but now you can help us by providing the video promotion for Allods Online: July Update! That's right you've been assigned a new quest from the mysterious Director, one that could earn you a permanent water of death for your character, and lots of compliments from the community! So jump on your storyboard, gather your crew and material and send us the best promotional video of Allods Online ever!

We constantly get fantastic videos sent to us on the Guild Portal by our players, some that show the funny side of Sarnautian life, some that show epic battles and some that show off our most impressive characters, so we thought why not ask you to create a new video that will let everyone know what you love about Allods Online! This could be anything from an epic take-down of Warkez by your guild, your character's travels through Sarnaut or even just a dance-off between the factions!

The contest begins today, Thursday the 23rd, and ends on the 15th of July. After this date, no more videos can be submitted to the contest.

Here are the rules and guidelines that you need to follow. WARNING: If you do not follow the guidelines, you will not be entered into the competition!

- First make your video. The closer to HD, the better. Players can create more than one video but each have to be very unique in their presentations.
- The video should be a minimum of 1:30 minutes. If you need help making your video, Feel free to get help from your friends. Bear in mind that only the player who has submitted the video will receive the prizes though.
- Feel free to use any video editing software, inspirational material, external sources or cultural references that you think would be suitable for your character's personality.
- We have a media kit available for free use, it contains some neat graphics to help inspire you: Using the game logo and contest logo will certainly help your submission!
- Upload it on YouTube. No other video service will be accepted
- Give it the following tags (psst, copy paste from here): director allods online gPotato.eu online europe mmorpg
- In the description, you are free to put whatever text you'd like. Be sure to mention your character name and server, you never know, you might become Allods famous!
- Once you've filled in the following information and published it, you'll need to upload it to the Allods Online Guild Portal.
- You can paste the link of your video on the following page: Embed a Video. The video will not appear right away as it will have to be approved.
- If the video has followed the guide lines, then it will be approved. Your video will have been placed in the competition.
- If you video does not follow the guide lines then we will not approve the video. You may receive a message on the Guild Portal asking you to change the necessary content. You can resubmit the video after the changes have been made.
- The naming scheme is as follows for video entries: ''[Allods MMORPG] Allods July Update''. Even though your native language may not be English, we'd ask you use the requested title as we can keep track of all submissions, and it will encourage others from all communities to view your video!

We will be giving great prizes to the the 3 best Allods Online trailers that you produce. Not only that but we will also be showcasing these videos across all of our social media. For a full list of the prizes see below:

Don't forget we have awesome prizes on offer!

1st 10 Keys to the Second Astral Layer Permanent Water of Death 3 Realgar
2nd 10 Keys to the Second Astral Layer 1 Superior Scroll of Sacrament 1 Realgar
3rd 10 Keys to the Second Astral Layer 1 Greater Scroll of Sacrament 5 Amalgam
4th 10 Keys to the Second Astral Layer 5 Lesser Scrolls of Sacrament 3 Amalgam
5th 10 Keys to the Second Astral Layer 100 Inventory Expansion Tokens 2 Amalgam
6th 10 Keys to the Second Astral Layer 50 Inventory Expansion Token 1 Amalgam
7th 10 Keys to the Second Astral Layer 5x Double XP Scroll (group) 10x Triple XP Scroll
8th 10 Keys to the Second Astral Layer 5x Double XP Scroll (group) 10x Double XP Scroll
9th 10 Keys to the Second Astral Layer 10 Sacks of Vittles - 50 portions 25 Inventory Expansion Token
10th 10 Keys to the Second Astral Layer 20 offensive & 20 defensive potent Elixers of your choice 10 Inventory Expansion Token

You have until the 15th of July to get your video made. Remember that your work could help our community grow, and also win you prizes, as you highlight what is great about Allods Online!