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2011 - Pimp My Build Volume 4

It has been about 3 weeks since the official release of Allods Online. Now that the new Volume 4: The Astral Odyssey is live and the published patch notes have revealed the changes to expect in the latest extension of Allods Online, players are most likely eager to find out the changes to their class. Levelling your character is a special experience, and through the changes brought by the updates, players might feel a little disorientated. The best way to find the full potential for your class, is by sharing information and helping out friends. This is also the most fun way to learn and for that reason we have a special event that will be returning ...

After the success of the first events, we have decided to bring the community together again to announce "Pimp my Build - Live Release Edition!"!

The rules remain the same:

1) Go to the Guild Portal and find your classes section 2) Introduce yourself: your character's name, guild and the role you have in the party, and why you like this gameplay.
3) Changes brought by the latest updates, how it modified your build and how did you adapt it to your style.
4) Your build: What type of build is it (PVE, PVP, Raid, Hybrid, which specialisation), what are the spells and rubies picked and why this choice.
5) How do you play your class now, what you like and don't like about it.
6) Players can post only one guide each

Be as straightforward as you can, while staying on line and pertinent. Add pictures as well to illustrate better your arguments, for example you can have a look at the builds posted in the previous edition.

This event will officially start Wednesday 1st of June, and will finish two weeks later on Wednesday the 15th of June at 11:00 WET. From the end date the Allods Online team will then pick up the best and most useful contributions for each category. On Wednesday the 22nd, we will announce the winners of this event. To motivate everyone, here's the rewards table for each archetype :

Pimp my Build Event Rewards

1st 10 Keys to the Second Astral Layer Rhino 3 Realgar
2nd 10 Keys to the Second Astral Layer Wings of your choice (White, Black, Fiery or June Wings) OR the Yasker's suit 1 Realgar
3rd 10 Keys to the Second Astral Layer 1 Greater Scroll of Sacrament 5 Amalgam
4th 10 Keys to the Second Astral Layer 5 Lesser Scrolls of Sacrament 3 Amalgam
5th 10 Keys to the Second Astral Layer 100 Inventory Expansion Tokens 2 Amalgam
6th 10 Keys to the Second Astral Layer 50 Inventory Expansion Token 1 Amalgam
7th 10 Keys to the Second Astral Layer 10 Sacks of Vittles - 50 portions 25 Inventory Expansion Token
8th 10 Keys to the Second Astral Layer 20 offensive & 20 defensive potent Elixers of your choice 10 Inventory Expansion Token
9th 10 Keys to the Second Astral Layer 5x Double XP Scroll (group) + 20 10x Triple XP Scroll
10th 10 Keys to the Second Astral Layer 5x Double XP Scroll (group) + 20 10x Double XP Scroll

As you can see, there won't be 8 winners but 80! And - yes - the best will get the "stunning" Rhino ...

So, don't waste your time any longer, you should be already preparing a fantastic entry about your very own kickass build!

To post your guide, use one of the eight categories below on the guild portal:

Warrior Warden Summoner Healer Paladin Scout Psionicist Mage

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All liquids? Yes! All Liquids!

Everything in the Potions tab as well as these respec items...Water of Life, Droplets of Life, Water of Death and Droplets of Death!

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Waters of Life and Death will provide you with a once off respec of Stats (Water of Life) and Talents (Water of Death). Droplets of Life and Droplets of Death will give you a cool 48 hours worth of stat and talent resets! Make a mistake on your first respec? Don't worry! Try again with Droplets of Life and Death!

You'll find all Elixirs under the Elixir tab and Respec items can be found in the Respec tab of the Allods Boutique.