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2011 - Patch Day, Video Day

Today is the start of the most awaited maintenance for the official release of Allods Online. We know you are eager to discover the wonders of Kirah, the mysteries of the Isle of Revelation and the fight the dangers in the Astral, but before this you will have to prove your patience until the end of the downtime on our european servers. And because you always proved your wonderful creativity on many occasions, even the most stressful ones: during the important updates on Allods Online, we decided to make an event for you while you will be accompanying us during the downtime.

You can go straight to the Guild Portal and take part now! For more info, read on.

So what type of videos you will be creating?

Well, few players may know the existence of one specific website, calling on visitors creativity by subtitling an extentive choice of Bombay, Classic or even B-movie videos. The process is really straightforward: watch the segment of video, fill the subtitles spaces with funny dialogues, watch the subbed creation and share it with the Allods Online community!

Here an example for you:

If you are ready to transform you usual farming time on Allods Online and turn this energy into something more...colorful, here's the guidelines to submit the video:

- Go to the Bombay TV, Bombay TV 2, BMovie or ClassikTV pages, pick a video you like and add your subtitles.
- You can make your video about the new features in the official release or about the GM's, your guild mates but to one condition: you can't be mean or insulting towards anyone. The goal is to have fun, but not at the expense of another person by being out of line...
- Once you are happy with your creation, save it and click on the button "Send"
- Copy and paste the code as a comment following the discussion to gather all our videos! But don't forget to click on the "HTML" tab in the text editor before sharing the link.

It's easy you see? To get our young directors motivated, here the prizes for the best 5 videos:

1st rank: 2 Water of death
2nd rank: 1 Water of death
3rd rank to 5th rank : 2 x 10 elixirs of players choice

If you understood your mission, you should dive into these timeless movie segments and show who is the king at subtitling during the downtime! You will have until the official release is live to submit your videos, the winners will be announced in a comment following the topic on the Guild Portal. And, even though your prefer to be a spectator, you can join us in the Chat of the Guild Portal during the maintenance!