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2011 - My Big Fat Allods Wedding

You see the sun showing up, the birds flying around you, the bells ringing from afar, no doubt this is the wedding season starting! Wedding can be a wonderful moment when you are walking the altar with your special one, surrounded by family and friends happy for your communion. When we announced the mariage fonctionnality for the Official release of Allods Online, many couples and singletons hoping to find their second half were thrilled to have this option finally in game. Well, with the wedding coming up this Wednesday June 8th, hopefully with the sun, we hope you have found the woman or man which will share your greatest moments in your Allods life! To celebrate this occasion, we concocted an event for all the special couples in becoming in Allods Online!

If you have already your mate and both of you are eager to show your love in front of Valeria Comissarina for the Empire or Helena Bugakova for the League, we may sponsor your wedding! But, you will have to show us how strong is your love by convincing us how bad you really want a wedding offered by your favourites GMs! After all, such a decision to take has to come from two persons comitted to each other, ready to fight alongside for the better or for the wipe! err the worse!

Although this event is targetted at couples, it is not too late for single players, love at first sight can happen every where in Sarnaut! In an instance, at the Novograd tower while giving your quest back to Aidenus or even in the Nezebgrad bunker with one of the marvellous dancer...!

In order to participate to this event, you will have to show to the Allods Online community how wonderful is your passion by creating a photo album or even video of your "moments"! Yes, yours best moments as a couple, whether you were hunting for the Crocosaurus or when you had your first kiss on Nezebgrad's roofs, your last romantic picnic in Darkwater or a PvP fight alongside in Asee-Teph between two cuddles, etc...This album, slideshow, or even video has to explain why you want to get married with that special one, why your love is sooo strong it makes Gorluxor weep in secret in his tower, why you should have a Game Master celebrating the wedding ceremony with your friends! Yes, you saw it right, the winners will have their wedding ceremony celebrated by an Allods Online Game Master, you may even have the chance to pick which one you will hear your vows, it's your wedding after all!

If you are now all fired up for this event, here are the instructions:

- First, take your shots with your special one, you will have to be from the same faction in order to get the wedding validated, the gender doesn't matter.

- Publish on the Guild Portal your photo album, at least 10 pictures, or your video, on YouTube so we can showcase your creation on our Allods Online Official Youtube channel, if you feel more comfortable with this media, add the tag "[MMMORPG My Allods Wedding] Name of the couple". Ex: [MMORPG My Allods Wedding] [GM]Narsaloff / Marina Petrova

- Use the link of the photo album or the video to paste it following this thread, add as well where you would like to be married! Except for the Arena of Death and June Catacombs.You have until Wednesday the 8th of June midnight to send us your creations !

- Wait for the community feedback, in the meanwhile you can start your guest list and prepare your wedding gifts picks.

- A jury will be choosing the 4 best submissions and declare the winners on Thursday 9th June!

If your love was strong enough for the jury, the 4 couples winning will receive the following prizes:

- 2 Wedding suits, 2 Wedding accessories & 2 Wedding rings

- 20 Romantic gifts allowing you to up your spousal spells

- 20 Romantic kisses

- 10 Fireworks

- 20 Beers to keep yourself entertained during the wedding chaos

- 2 Strip tickets

- A GM on rental for the wedding ceremony

We hope you are as thrilled as us for this event, may be the best couples win!