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2011 - I Heart My Class

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Everyone has their own very special personal tastes when it comes to Allods Online. Maybe you love Gibberling seers because they are so cute, maybe you love your bad ass Warrior tank because she goes through noobs like a hot knife through butter, or maybe you just love your class cause you have fun with it. Whatever it is that makes you "love" we want to see!
I love my class!

We get multiple screens a day with players showing off their character, but now we want you to show us your character and class love in video form! "I love my class" YouTube Competition is inviting those who think that their class and character are the most unique in Sarnaut. This is a video about you and your class. We want to see your best fashion video of a Gibberling. We wanna see you laughing as you board a League ship dressed as a pirate dancing to the theme of 300 dead gibberlings. Make a video and show us what you have, that no other player from your class has. It's your video about how you do things in Allods Online with your class.

Contest begins on Thursday January 20th and ends on Sunday February 20th at 23:59. After this date, no more videos can be submitted to the contest. Players will then have 1 full week to get as many views as they can for their video. This period will last until Monday February 28th, so make sure to share your video around with friends, family and guild mates!

Here are the rules and guidelines that you need to follow. WARNING: If you do not follow the guidelines, you will not be entered into the competition!

  • First make your video. The closer to HD, the better. Players can create videos for more than one class but each have to be very unique in their presentations.
  • The video should be a minimum of 2:30 minutes. If you need help making your video, Feel free to get help from your friends. Bear in mind that only the player who has submitted the video will receive the prizes though.
  • Feel free to use any video editing software, inspirational material, external sources or cultural references that you think would be suitable for your character's personality.
  • We have a media kit available for free use, it contains some neat graphics to help inspire you: Using the game logo and contest logo will certainly help your submission!

  • Upload it on YouTube. No other video service will be accepted.
  • Once uploaded , give it the title: [Allods MMORPG] I love my [CLASS] e.g. [Allods MMORPG] I love my Paladin
  • This can be done by pressig Alt + Numlock Pad 3
  • Give it the following tags (psst, copy paste from here): i love allods online gPotato.eu online europe mmorpg
  • In the description, you are free to put whatever text you'd like, however we would recommend giving us a brief description of why you love your character. Be sure to mention your character name and server, you never know, you might become Allods famous!

  • Once you've filled in the following information and published it, you'll need to upload it to the Allods Online Guild Portal.
  • You can paste the link of your video on the following page: Embed a Video. The video will not appear right away as it will have to be approved.
  • If the video has followed the guide lines, then it willl be approved. Your video will have been placed in the competiton.
  • If you video does not follow the guide lines then we will not approve the video. You may receive a message on the Guild Portal asking you to change the necessary content. You can resubmit the video after the changes have been made.

  • Note of the the judging selection: Presentation is key for this video contest, but there are other elements which we will take into account. On Monday the 28th of February, we take the 20 most viewed videos per language, per archetype. This is for pre-selection only. Once we have our pre-selection, the Allods Team at gPotato.eu will then pick our top 10 videos (per Archetype) and these will be the winners of our "I Love My Class" YouTube competition.

    Now that the rules are out of the way, here comes the prizes! We will be giving out prizes to the top 10 of each archetype. 10 x each archetype = 80 prizes to be won!

    Rank Adventurer Set Pirate Set Fancy Set
    1 Molten Lion Perfect Glowing Navigation Set Techlevel 3 Fire Wings
    2 White Stallion (Rank 2) Perfect Infused Cannon Set Techlevel 3 Feathery Cape + Victory Day Ribbon
    3 Enchanted Dragon Hide Backpack Perfect Glowing Shield Set Techlevel 3 Feathery Cape
    4 Gigantic Deposit Box Perfect Glowing Beam + Goblin Set Tech Level 3 Angelic Wings
    5 40 Gemstones Chests Unusual Glowing Navigation Set Techlevel 3 Demonic Wings
    6 1 Water of Life & 1 Water of Death Perfect Infused Cannon Set Techlevel 2 Historian's Costume
    7 20 Gemstones Chests Unusual Glowing Shield Set Techlevel 3 Smuggler's Garb
    8 2 Large pouches of crystal chips Unusual Glowing Beam + Goblin Set Techlevel 3 Fancy Elven Clothes
    9 Stallion's Harness (Regular Mount) Admiral's Voucher X 4 The Martyrs' Helm
    10 4 Shipbuilder's Rune Admiral's Voucher X 2 Astral Demon Horns

    The prize structure above allows for a new and exciting format for Allods Online! You now have the opportunity to pick your prize! It is tailored for players of all shape, sizes and levels!

    If you come 1st you'll have a choice between Molten Wolf, Perfect Glowing Navigation Set Techlevel 3 or Special Set for your Archetype! OR If you don't like any of those, you can choose an item from any placing below your own! If you come 4th you would have a choice of Gigantic Deposit Box, Perfect Glowing Beam + Goblin Set Tech Level 3 or Angelic Wings. If they don't tickle your fancy, you can choose anything 1 item from 5th and below, simple!

    We look forward to seeing your video that shows that you love your class!