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2011 - Calendar Guilds

You feel the sun burning your back as you are slaying enemies in Kirah, you see the elves in lascivous poses by the sea with summer outfits, the Gibberlings and Orcs drinking cocktails in the shadows of parasols, this is still summer in Sarnaut! As some of you are maybe dreading shopping for uniforms for the Imperial academies, or heading back to work with your business in Coba Plateau, we are sure you would like to take your mind off these worries and extend your holiday spirit for a little bit longer.

This is where the AO-team has come up with a plan to help you survive the coming September gloom!

If you love being in the spotlight of the TV camera, think you can change the world by doing something more than slaying your ennemies or just are the social type who likes cheering up your comrades with goofy poses, gather your loyal guildmates and find your best camera!

As we noticed, you like striking poses on your own screen captures, whether this is to pimp your new fabulous equipment, to celebrate your victory over the Sabertooth squirrel or show the colourful emotes of your orc, so we thought how would the joining of several players turn out...on a calendar?! You may be used to owning a calendar about your favorite hobby, or remember the ones from during your young days as a recruit for the Holy War. Well now you get to be the one the young elves will be drooling about, the one Yasker will be proud to show in his office for your proud contribution to the Empire, the one your guildmates will plaster on all the roofs of your city!

For further details of this fantastic event just look here!