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2011 - Astral Chronicles

Dear Sarnautian correspondents! Wednesday is a crucial day for Allods Online, as it is the official release accessible for impatient players who were eager to discover the new content and the new arrivants who will start unravelling a brand new world ahead! As everyone will be running to gather their new quests, test their new spells or jump on their Astral ships to visit the new allods, we decided to start an event which will be going for the next five weeks to come and intimely linked to your new challenges.

As we know, Gorislav Gipitsky is a very important character for the great scenario surrounding Kirah and Sarnaut on a bigger scale. But for the Astral chronicles as well, a newspaper compiling the greatest stories from the adventurers all around the allods and the Astral. Not only "Gort" will be asking you to complete the quests to help the characters from the past, but fill the columns of the herald on a daily basis during these weeks with your latest achievements, ennemies vanquished, newly joys, your defeats...Well, we want your personal experience in game, from a new soldier emerging from the imperial sewers or the most hardened Astral navigator discovering at last the Crucible! Your joy of searching for the Crocosaurus or your tears when your tried to defeat the Rabid sabertooth squirrel on your own with your pet.

So, how can you contribute to the Astral chronicles?
- First, you will need to have your profile on the Guild portal. Once you are registered, you can create your blog entry.
- Write your story, this can be about Kirah, an allod you just discovered with your crew or a twisted elite you managed to slay (or not). The minimum is 20 lines for the text and you have to accompany with 3 pictures!
- When you publish your story of the day, add the name of your character and the server at the bottom of your article and just wait for the feedbacks from other members. Feel free to ask your friend to promote your blog entry, after all this option on the Guild portal is made to have a better showcase or your publication!
- Just wait one day to see if your entry has been picked by Gort and if this is the case, you will receive a fine reward!

Our dear editor-in-chief will give from Monday until Friday a Water of death for the best blog entry, and if the entry fulfill the theme of the week, the Water of death will be transformed into Droplets of death! Yes, a bigger prize to win for the brave reporters of the Astral!

Since the event will be running from Monday the 16th of May until Friday the 18th of June, we will reveal the 5 special themes:

Week 1 (16/05 - 20/05): Kirah - This is pretty straightforward, as most of you will be rushing to this zone, you will have to tell the story of your levelling towards the level 45!
Week 2 (23/05 - 28/05): Elites - This crowned ennemies, always hiding somewhere and the most dangerous if you dare not to be in a well organized party. Whether you won your slayed Vur'tazz or put to shame by Mizgir, this is your story to tell!
Week 3 (30/05 - 03/06): World threats - You will probably meet those monsters to kill in a given time on Kirah, in the Astral...if not conquered, can become a much bigger threat! Tell us how you hunt them down!
Week 4 (06/06 - 10/06): New Allods - 6 new challenges in the Astral, describe us the discovery of this new Astral with your group.
Week 5 (13/06 - 18/06): Brothers in arm - You play in a guild with your most trusted mates or with random players being at the right place at the right time, tell us a story you lived with your comrades in game.

So, one entry will win each day with a Water of Death for a random topic, or Droplets of Death for the best entry about the theme of the week: 5 weeks, 5 themes and 25 winners ! Remember, as a winner will be picked each day, you have a chance to win several times if your are that good as a freelancer!

But, we have a bonus for those who prefer the visual arts: we will reward the most promoted video and picture of the week with a water of death!

Since Gort likes to promote his best freelancers to all Sarnaut, each week, the best blog entries and the most promoted visual content will be showcased on all the Allods Online websites! Not only you will grabd the loot, but all the glory too! With all these informations, you should be rushing to your adventures with your camera and notepad to share your exciting stories!

We want to hear from your Allods Online experience! Good luck!