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2010 - Starter Guide Contest

With more and more players joining the Allods Online community every day, the Allods Online Team has decided to call on all experienced players to share their knowledge and wisdom to help new player develop their characters in the game.


Starting from today, the 29th of April 2010, until the 20th of May 2010, we will be hosting the first Allods Online Starter Guide Contest. Players can use their experience within the game to make a starter guide focused on one of the 8 archetypes: Warrior, Scout, Paladin, Healer, Warden, Psionicist, Summoner or Mage.

Each guide should meet the following requirements:




*Guides must be hosted on our official forums and on our official Guild Portal.
*Links to your submissions must be posted in this thread
*All content must be original. Copying text from other sources will lead to disqualification.
*No inappropriate language or graphics should be used in any way.
*You may use text, video, pictures, graphics, screenshots, or anything else you see fit to design your guide.
*Closing date for entering the contest is the 20th of May 2010 16:59 GMT.
*Guides can be submitted by single players, groups or guilds

The Allods Online Team will review all submissions and crown the best guides as winners. The winning guides will be honoured in our Guild Portal and on the Official Website and each winner will receive a special kit of prizes including:


*1 Pack of Incense
*1 Large bag of crystal chips
*1 stack of Potent Elixirs of Luck
*1000 drops of Mirra
*1 stack of Guiding Crystals
*1 Stack of Fireworks


(Prizes will be split for group submissions)

Good luck to everyone!