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2010 - Pimp My Build Vol 1 Winners



Last Friday we started our „Pimp My Build“-Event, where our community could post their best tactics and builds in our official forum as well as our Allods Online Guild Portal in order to help new as well as old players to vanquish the evil lurking over Sarnaut after our Update to Volume 2: The Rise of Gorluxor.  


After a long debate within the Allods Online Team we came to the conclusion that there is just too many good builds and ways to play a specific archetype. Because of this, we decided that EVERY submission which followed our rules will receive a Water of Death as well as a Water of Life on top of the small cone of incense, which every player would have received regardless!


If you are interested in reading the submissions from your community, just follow the links below in order to get to the guides which impressed the team most:


Xsheaftyx provided us with an excellent build for the warrior.

The priest is being taken care of excellently by Mikuru as well as many other great minds.

Kacuk and Deymonod both give brilliant views on the warden.

Gangrul provides insights to the summoner together with many other opinions from the community.

The mage is being covered by Adelienee, who shows the players what to look out for when mastering the arcane.

Rexeos covers the psionicist and shows what to look out for when tackling the mind of the weak.

Latheion focuses on the changes made to the scout and provides players with an in-depth analysis.

And last but not least, Soflow shows us his build of the paladin.


Of course you can find the rest of the guides and tips about each archtype in our official forums and the Allods Online Guild Portal!  


Our French and German speaking communities have also been busy and we would like to showcase some of their work as well:



Jokebox's guide to the psionicist.

Nithaiah's guide to the scout.

Petunia's guide to the paladin.



Cinzou's guide to the psionicist.

Neory's guide to the mage.

Toyster's guide to the scout.

We hope you have fun reading and trying these tactics out yourself in the near future! If you like one of the guides specifically, why not log in and give your thanks to the creator? We are sure they will appreciate your gratitude!


Your Allods Online Team