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2010 - Facebook Challenge

Considering how dark and cold it is in December we at Allods Online thought we'd try and brighten your day by announcing a special Double Experience Christmas Event!

The Allods community is forever expanding on Facebook and due to this we've decided to celebrate three specific milestones by having a double experience weekend! When the French and English Facebook fans reach ten thousand, and the German fans reach three thousand, we'll give you free double experience for the entire weekend!

If that doesn't warm you up than maybe this will. If we can beat those numbers by two thousand for each nationality before the 16th of December we'll give you a 1.5 experience boost from the 17th of December through to the 3rd of January!! So to put all that into friendly figures:

Before the 16th of December

Nationality Fans Experience Gain Duration
English 12,000 1.5 Boost 17/12-03/01
French 12,000 1.5 Boost 17/12-03/01
German 5,000 1.5 Boost 17/12-03/01

The community is expanding on it's own at a very nice pace, but if you want to have the best chance of hitting that milestone before the 16th of December try inviting your Facebook friends to join the page and ensure that we can give you these experience boosts to help you in your Astral adventures!