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2010 - Surprise Events

Everyone loves a nice surprise! That's why your Allods Online Team is hosting surprise events!


What makes a surprise event a "surprise"? Well let us tell you!


We won't write any news about these events (well after this news anyway) and the only way players will find out about them is through either a World chat message or Zone chat message...even a local area message. It will be very random so keep an ear out in case you hear something!


What are these random events? Well we currently have 3 events which can pop up at anytime, anywhere. They are:


Dosvedanya: A quiz about the Allods Universe from the story right through to it's core MMORPG mechanics, just make sure you answer correctly or else...

Imperial Inquisition (Empire) Doucer Bites (League): The event where your competition decides . I guess Scouts aren't the only ones who can backstab!

Game Master Hunt: Clues will be given out in /world chat. All you have to do is find the GM...sounds easy, doesn't it?


Of course with every event we will have winners! Prizes will be usually either phylacteries of passage (or pops if your as cool as us) and incense. You will also have the pleasure of being featured as a winner on our Guild Portal, Twitter and Facebook in the future!


Heres some winners from today's Game Master Hunt!



Don't forget! These events are entirely random and in the future you can expect some new inventive ideas!