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2010 - Halloween Allod Survival!

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To celebrate this Halloween, we have a couple of events in-store for all players. The first one coming up is this Thursday, October 28th!

In a short description. We are going to bring you and your guild/friends/raid to a haunted allods and make you kill lot's of mobs for experience. Of course we are also going to bring the opposite faction too...so make sure you're 100% prepared for combat!

The Game Master's main role for this event is transporting you and your group to the allod. In order to do this we'll need players to be really organised and ready to be shipped to this special allod...

When you arrive on the Allod you'll find that there are many zombies and monsters to battle. If you die and don't have that much needed rez, then you will be ported back to the capital city. So make sure to stay cool under pressure otherwise, GAME OVER! There will be members of the opposite faction present as well on the allod so beware and stick close to your teammates!

And now the procedure to get your team involved in this event!
- Register on the Guild Portal - Get your raid together (max 24)
- Post the raid leader character name and the name of your group. First come, first served!
- On the day we will contact you during the event time. Make sure that you are ready when a Game Master whisper to you, the raid leader! If you and your raid are not ready, we will move onto the next group. There's no waiting around by the GMs though!
- We will expect Raid leaders to be waiting in the port, so be in the port with your raid and be ready to be teleported!
- The raid leader will receive 240 phylacteries of passage to share with the group. GM will communicate with the raid leader only, otherwise they'll have 24 conversation on their hands at a time...(not fun!)
- One player will have to leave the raid for the GM to join. That player will be ported over too and can rejoin once the raid is on the allod.
- Once your of the ship onto the allods, your own your own!

Full ruleset can be found here!

Here are the times for the event:

ZAK: 15:30 Western European Time (16:30 CET and 17:30 EET)

ISA: 18:00 Western European Time (19:00 CET and 20:00 EET)

Don't forget that with all this commotion we also have a sale on the experience tab in the Allods Boutique right now. While you busting zombies, why not give yourself a little extra xp for your zombie killing troubles?

Each event will last for an hour. If you are still on the allod after an hour, congratulations and good luck! Make sure to check back tomorrow for further surprises that will happen this week!