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2010 - Capture the Flag

You’ve killed the King, taken screenshots of the GMs and now it’s time to capture the [GM]Flag!


The Allods Online team is happy to announce its third and final Event for Closed Beta Test phase 1: Capture the Flag: GM Edition, , which will take place on Thursday 10th of December!


Here are the rules,


-     Players will meet at a pre-determined location to "Capture the GM".

-     One [GM]Flag will stand at one of the of field while another [GM]Flag will stand at the other end, to represent each factions Flag.

-     This will be located in the middle of a mob-free area near the Temple in Holy Land.

-     Players must attack the [GM]Flag to established control. The GM will then “/walk” with the player until he/she is killed.

-     If that player is killed, the flag stops motion and will become available.

-     A GM "Flag Point" will be sitting at the location the flag should be at and will return to.

-     The "Flag" GM will teleport back to the Flag Point after 5 seconds a side has achieved a point.

-     Other GMs will take pictures and act as Referees to determine points.

-     The winning team will have the most points at the end of the time allowed (20:00 GMT).


More details regarding the event will be posted just prior to the start time (17:00GMT)