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2011 - Astral Assault Event Reports

allods online astral

Last night, the Astral was the setting of a large battle between League and Empire. The Astral Assualt had begun and the first attack on Game Master Narsaloff's Imperial Battleship by ZAK's League forces was a great success, with both factions fighting heroically for their nation's honour. With the first battle done and dusted, there will be more to follow in the future!

Check out the images below from the Astral Assault. The next chapter will begin at 18:00 (GMT) on ISA this Thursday!

More Images from the ZAK Astral Assault

Last Thursday, the Astral was witness to the second Astral Assault, this time on ISA, as the League set out to destroy GM Narsaloff's Imperial Battleship. With three other Empire ships providing support for Narsaloff, and his crew, the fight was long and bloody, with the League emerging victorious at the end.

You can be sure that this isn't the end of the Astral Assaults however, the Empire aren't known for taking defeat in battle too kindly.....

Special thanks to Caffeine for being our Astral Reporter!