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2011 - The Ritual of the Damned

As a mysterious entity is leading the soldiers of Sarnaut through various places and times, bringing a most shocking Revelation and fresh challenges to them, the high-power in place in the League and Empire Capitals thought the many battles fought by their soldiers may not be enough to fully test their endurance. As the young soldiers were sent to The Crucible and The Heart of Fire to be taught the rough experience of combat in an hostile place, their elders had their own stress test on the Astral cemetary ...

"Bless the one who gives you a fight, because he is the reflection of your own resolution and he gives you the possibility to take a new step on the path to evolution."

This is what the leaders told their fellow combatants. But even some of the elders weren't prepared for this sort of "evolution". Many failed and died, with only a few emerging from the battle in the end. This is why Yasker and Aidenus had to think again about possible enhancements of their "educational process". In the end they decided to adapt this test for their younger generations, to prepare them even earlier and better for future wars, and looked for an adequate place to make this happen. So they convened a council and asked the most experienced and respected astral travellers for their help. It only took a few minutes to find the perfect place for this ritual ... the Isle of the Damned! They all agreed on the fact that this allod is by far the most challenging place for a young soldier's heart, since you can feel and breathe the pain in every single step you take.

The Ritual Of The Damned was born.

This ritual is about how strong you and your comrades can be in a raid in the midst of an endless wave of enemies! Plenty of them appear, giving you nowhere to hide. This event is open to every with mid-level players (between levels 30 and 36), who will be recruted by the GM's in-game at the given time! If you are ready for a different experience among your comrades and tough enemies to slay, don't go further!

But this event won't be just a raid of warriors taking their time to kill monsters, telling jokes while having a picnic and then carry on with the slaughter no, not at all. During this tough experience, we will test your strength, your endurance, your reactivity and your team spirit! The GM's will testimony if you are fit for the ritual and help your elder to the war against the cultists, but if in the contrary, you seem to be only good to clean their ships' deck with a toothbrush you will be the real victim of the ritual!

Now, if you are between the levels 30-36, ready to answer the call of your GM's be prepared: this survival event will take place on the following days, Tuesday 23rd August on Zak from 17:00 GMT and Wednesday 24th on Isa from 17:00 GMT. To participate, answer promptly the call of the GM (or Sargent), don't wait too long to make up your mind, more motivated soldiers may take your slot! The GM will then teleport the full raid to the allod and...well, you'll find out the later part yourself.

Soldiers, we need you for the Ritual of the Damned! Make your leader proud and shine for this challenge!