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2011 - The Crucible Rookies

New and brave recruits of Sarnaut, be prepared for a much feared event for rookies coming back to Allods Online! Thursday 14th of July on Zak, and Friday 15th on Isa, a PvE event will take place for players between levels 18 and 24 at The Crucible! Prepare your phylacteries, and don't forget to ask Marianne and Elizaveta your elixirs, because they will be needed for your next mission.

The war is still raging between the League and the Empire in all of Sarnaut, and the presence of Tep's servants sure doesn't help the situation. In Novograd, and in Nezebgrad, the commanders of both factions are worried about the state of their armies, knowing that they will need younger recruits to dive into the battlefield alongside the veterans. So, true leaders that they are, both Aidenus and Yasker have decided to take things into their own hands and send a battalion of their still fresh and hopeful rookies to this battleground to teach them the rough life of the war! Often young soldiers require the help of more experienced warriors in their adventures in Sarnaut, but this time soldiers will be on their own in a place unknown to them, not only that but they will be on their own in the midst of monsters and the opposite faction!

You will have to show your skills, your leadership, but more importantly your team spirit, as you try to survive this scary place with players you may never have met before. Organisation, adaptation and communication in an unseen situation will be the keys to your battallion's success. Do you have what it takes to make your beloved Leader proud? Or would you prefer to prove your loyalty by cleaning their personal ship decks with a toothbrush alongside the goblins?

If you feel you are the most dedicated and talented rookie of the League, or the Empire, then we want YOU!

This event is open to players from levels 18 to 24. It will take place on Thursday 14th of July on Zak and Friday the 15th on Isa from 5:00 WET. The GMs will recruit the players in game prior the start of the event to create a raid. And if there are more players interested, we will try to include you in the loop if reinforcements are needed! When you are to be included in the raid the GM will bring you to the location.

Images from our last Rookie event below

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This event will be PvE, as you and your battalion will need to improve your skills by fighting monsters stronger than ever in a mysterious locations, unknow to fresh recruits!

If journalists want to take part, and report the rookies' exploits to Sarnaut, they are free to come. Simply contact one of the GMs and they will help bring yout to the battleground!

So start your training and improve your skills before the start of the The Crucible Rookies event, you'll need them.