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2011 - Stanza of Survival

Those who follow the Stanzas of Survival prefer the dangers of the battle to the tranquility of idleness because idleness leads to a lack of focus more surely than a mortal conflict with a foe. Bless the one who gives you a fight, because he is the reflection of your own resolution and he gives you the possibility to take a new step on the path to evolution.

Here we are, not far away from our next update Renaissance and we can see the high-level players excited by the prospect of new adventures in far away lands and new functionnalities! As the guilds start to show their strength in Gorluxor tower, in the Astral confrontations and PvP zones, we thought we may spice up for few days your routine with a new in-game event. Just to see if you are really fit for what await in Tka-Rika's Cave, and especially how strong you and your comrades can be in raid in the midst of an endless wave of ennemies! This event is open to every guild with high-level players, we may stress as well on your capacity to join your force to common goal. As important guilds may organize their party easily, smaller guilds will need to come together and even form alliances for the sake of all, as rewards will be given to all players of successful raids. This is the chance for smaller organisations to rejoice for this time, which may open the doors of future collaborations for bigger causes! So open up this week-end to your neighbours or those people you didn't have a chance to fight with and create a bigger band. Who knows, you may even create bonds and help each other for other raids in let's say...Gorluxor Tower?

As a mysterious entity is leading the veterans of Sarnaut in various places and times, bringing a most shocking Revelation and challenges to them, the high-power in place in the League and Empire thought the many wars fought by their soldiers may not be enough to test their endurance. As the young soldiers were sent to The Crucible to be taught the rough experience of combat in an hostile place, their elder will be having their own stress test on the Astral cemetary.

You won't have to worry for the draconids, although they may hinder your progression if you are not careful with your aggro, but what you have to be prepared for is powerful ennemies. Plenty of them. Coming from everywhere. Your raid in the midst of it and nowhere to hide. Don't even think of asking the MJ to help you, because they will be the source of your nightmare on this place and they will make sure you will keep fighting until you beg for mercy.

If you are having chills at the prospect of being caught in a place with no exit and a small change of survival, don't go further! This event won't be just a raid of veterans taking their time to kill monsters, telling jokes while having a picnic and then carry on with the slaughter no, not at all. During 15 minutes, we will test your strength, your endurance, your reactivity and your team spirit during this stressful exercise! If you can handle the mass of monstrers coming to your raid during this time and have not wiped, you will be greatly rewarded! But, if your raid fails and none of you survives, well, we are afraid we will need to move on the next group in line with no cookies for you after all...

This survival event will take place on the following days :

- Tuesday 19th July on Isa/League from 15:00 to 17:00 GMT and from 18:00 to 19:00 GMT
- Wednesday 20th July on Isa/Empire from 15:00 to 17:00 GMT and from 18:00 to 19:00 GMT
- Thursday 21th July on Zak/League from 15:00 to 17:00 GMT and from 18:00 to 19:00 GMT
- Friday the 22nd of July on Zak/Empire from 15:00 to 17:00 GMT and from 18:00 to 19:00 GMT

Make sure to transmit those dates and times to your companions and select one of the zones before making the raid, you don't want to find yourself on your own! Please keep in mind that if you are available during the afternoon for the event, don't take the later slot and leave the place for those who can't be available at all earlier the day.

Here the rules of the event if you are ready to join:

Allods Online patch note bullet point You must have a raid of 23 players to participate in this event, but you can have different guilds in the same raid. The event will target players from level 45.
Allods Online patch note bullet point You will have from today, Friday the 15th, until Sunday the 17th midnight to organise the raid and register it by commenting to this thread. Only the raid leader can register the group and pick the time slot desired.
Allods Online patch note bullet point At the end of the registration, the GM's will set up the schedule for each raid and publish it on the Guild Portal.
Allods Online patch note bullet point Prior the starting time of the event, the GM will be contacting the raid leader to assure it has its 23 players. If your raid isn't ready or full enough for the task, the GM will select players free in-game or the slot will be given to another raid if the numbers don't match.
Allods Online patch note bullet point Then, you will have to follow the GM instructions who will explain the sequence of actions for the event in itself.
Allods Online patch note bullet point If your raid isn't wiped after the 15 minutes, you will gain the rewards for each of you. If none of the members are alive at the end of the given time, you unfortunately failed the challenge. Life is tough like that, even for the best of us.

Now, let's talk business! As your faction leader requested you to participate in this military exercise, be sure the reward given will be fit for a player of your calibre. As said previously, the reward will be given to each of the members of the raid, this is team work after all and the prospect of individual rewards will certainly motivated those needed to complete a raid. Remember, team work within your faction always pays!

We know most of you are well into their progression toward the level 46 if not 47 for the fastest players. Sometime, you don't have the means, the time or the players to participate to the PvP events allowing you to gain the components needed to refine the equipment gained in the Astral since the Official Update and filling your bank. For those in needs or in prevision of your Astral travels in the 3rd layer, you will be surely interested by the reagent which will be necessary for your refining needs, help you maybe to prepare for the next update or even defeat faster the bosses in Demons' City with your raid! Unless you just prefer to strut in the capital with pride with your new fluorescent equipment!

So, for each of the player in the winning raid, we will provide you 15 Amalgam and the glory given to the successful soldiers! And for the losing raids, we may give you some drinks to help you to keep your spirits up!

You all should be rushing to your guild comrades or just in-game friends to organize your raid in prevision of this event! Loots and glory awaits to fighters, don't miss this occasion to shine for this challenge!