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2011 - Astral Batucada

allods online mmorpg astral batucada

Last night, we invited random players of all levels on ZAK to join us for a mini party, or as we say in Sarnaut, Astral Batucada!

Players were invited to a raid, and then teleported onto a Game Master ship in a sector of the Astral for fun time and fireworks! Everyone was there to celebrate and have a good time. People were having fun...that was, until both faction ships appeared in each other’s view!

The joy of partying was taken over by the joy of Player versus Player (PvP) battles, and much fighting ensued for a good hour! Luckily we have some photos from the event and you can view them below, or if you have a Facebook profile, come view them over on our official Facebook Fan page!

Find more photos like this on Guild Portal of the European Allods Online MMORPG

On Thursday, ISA will have it's turn to party and we expect a full raid on both factions to have fun, fireworks and a high possibility of faction PvP combat...all on a ship!


Our second Astral Batucada was launched last night, this time on the Isa server!

Players of any level beyond the starting zones were invited to join a raid and go for a party onboard the GM's ship in the Pure Lead Sector. This being the dreaded Astral, however, meant that danger lurked behind every Allod!

The fun on board soon turned into fun on board the oppoiste faction's ships, as both the League and Empire met in astral combat! After many Player versus Player (PvP) battles, and with victories on both sides, the players returned to their capitals, tired, but also the pride of their factions.

You can view some of the images from the Astral Batucada below, we also have them showcased on our Facebook page, and you'll find even more on our Guild Portal.

Find more photos like this on Guild Portal of the European Allods Online MMORPG