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2011 - Astral Assault: The Escort

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To the brave sailors of the Astral that are in search of even more challenges, it is time to rejoice! The Astral Assault is coming for a second edition, as the League is this time coming to the Silicium sector to seek its revenge against the bold Empire's ships. This time, they will have their own battleship to protect against the ruthless forces of the Empire.

To keep the League's pride intact, Aidenus has asked for a selected number of ship captains, who have experience in the difficult art of navigation, to escort the League battleship on its way to the Silicion sector through the Lead sector. This mission will take a lot to suceed, as not only will you meet some terrible Astral Demons out there, but also the ships of Yasker's Imperical fleet as they try to stop the progression of the League battleship toward Nezebgrad! The battleship will be defending itself against the enemy as well, so be assured you will see some sparks flying in the constellations!

If you are an experienced League captain then you will need to synchronize with your peers to escort the battleship against all odds, this is your call to battle! If you are an Imperial captain, always on the hunt for a treasure or a specific prey, this may be the occasion to show how good you are at tracking down a ship!

Read the following if you wish to know more about the plan of this event:

- Three League ships will be escorting the GM's League Battleship from the Mercury sector, through the Lead sector to finally arrive in the Silicion sector. Your moto will be: "Protect and escort!"
- Four Imperical ships will have to stop the progression of the League's ships, and annihilate the battleship before its arrival in front of the Empire. Your moto will be: "Seek and destroy!"
- All ships captains have to keep in mind that you won't be alone in the Astral, you will need as well to confront the Astral demons for emanations to keep going forward.
- Remember, the Astral is full of surprises and unexpected events...Empire and League alike will need to be on their guard!

Here are the conditions to participate in this event :

- Ships captains will have to register in this thread in order to be a part of the defending or attacking faction.
- We will take the first 3 League ships, and 4 Empire ships, which register below. That doesn't mean we won't take into consideration the captains subscribing afterwards, they will be on a waiting list in case one of the previous participants can't make it to the event. In case the latter occurs, we would ask them to notify the GM's in advance, this way we will be able to replace with another ship crew interested in participating.
- Registration will start from now, Thursday 24th March, until Monday 28th March at 12.00 (GMT)
- The event will run on Zak on Monday the 28th of March, on Isa Tuesday, the 29th of March, both from 6:00 GMT
- As for the previous edition, only the captains registering in this topic will be able to claim their prizes and repair material.
- Any ships interfering in the event of some sort will be asked to leave, if they don't comply they will be destroyed or sent to a constellation far far away...
- The League's battleship will need the help of 5 experienced League sailors! If you are willing to participate, present yourself to the GMs in this thread also!

And at last the rewards :

- The losing faction will receive material to repair their ships, and 5 potent elixirs for each member of the ship.
- The winning faction will receive 1 Admiral coupon for the ship Captain, 10 Acid Flasks, 2 Symbols of Glory , 5 Potent elixirs for the ship's crew. If the ship is damaged, the captain will receive material to repair it.

Once again, we will be running an event for the cameramen! If you are a fearless film maker of the Astral, we want you to show the heroic exploit of your crew! You will have from the Tuesday the 29th of March until Sunday the 10th of April at midnight to submit your video, which has to follow these conditions:

- First make your video. The closer to HD, the better.
- The video should be a minimum of 2:30 minutes. If you need help making your video, feel free to get help from your friends. Bear in mind that only the player who has submitted the video will receive the prizes though.
- Upload it on YouTube. No other video service will be accepted.
- Once uploaded , give it the title: [Allods MMORPG] Astral Assault
- Give it the following tags (psst, copy paste from here): astral assault allods online gPotato.eu online Europe mmorpg
- In the description you are free to put whatever text you'd like.
- Once you've filled in the following information, and published it, you'll need to upload it to the Allods Online Guild Portal.
- You can paste the link of your video on the following page: Embed a Video. The video will not appear right away as it will have to be approved.
- If the video has followed the guide lines, then it will be approved. Your video will have been placed in the competition.

The winners will be revealed on Monday the 11th of April! The best 5 videos selected by the jury will received 4 Admiral coupons, allowing you to customize your entire Astral ship!

Whether you are a proud ship captain, or an ambitious journalist, it is time to shine in the Astral once again!