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2011 - Astral Assault

allods online Astral Assault header

The Astral was a place full of mystery, but many brave Astral navigators, League and Empire alike, decided to face the mysterious astral in order to unravel their treasures. Astral battles were often carried between the League and Empire crews, adding an extra danger to those not experienced in the precise art of navigation.

Now the word in Yasker's Tower's hallways is that Aidenus' best crews are on the way to attack the Silicon sector! Stories say that after a long, but successful journey from the furthest and most dangerous Allods, a tired Emperical Astral crew spotted the sails of a Gibberling ship. Could it be some lost League travellers straying into the Silicon sector, or would it be something altogether more worrying for the Empire? Surely, not even a Gibberling would fall asleep on its ship, and drift into the Empire's territory. Yasker, being a cautious man, and not wanting to send a full fleet to the sector, gathered his best crews and asked his most trusted commandants to eliminate the threat of this League ship in his sector as quickly as possible.

The commanders reached out to the best Astral navigators of the Empire, from all over Sarnaut, to gather the most impressive fleet available to confront any who may be bold enough to think of taking on the Empire.

And what of Aidenus? Was he really behind this seemingly innocent ship, or was it for a greater design? Nevertheless, in spite of the mystery surrounding the League's intentions, the Empire won't sit still and wait for the League to move.

So, what does this mean for League and Empire players? The Empire's fleets will have to protect the motherland and defend the pride of the Empire, at all costs, during the 60 minutes the League are given in the Silicon sector.

The League crews will need to come to this sector and destroy, also at all costs, the main imperial battleship for Aidenus!

This will be the procedure of the event.

  • The Imperial Battleship, which will be handled by a GM, will be the target of this event, and will be navigating through the Silicon Sector (Empire). League players will need to get rid of the Empire’s shields and destroy this ship.
  • This event will last for 60 minutes.
  • If the League destroy the ship, the League wins.
  • If the Empire succeed in keeping the ship in one piece during the 60 minutes, or annihilate the League’s ships whatever the state of the Empire’s crews, the Empire wins.
  • Even though the imperial Battleship is the target, it won’t stay still or and will be protecting itself. League players, be careful of what to expect, Game Masters will be handling this ship with their crew after all...
  • We will need 5 volunteers to help the GM to manoeuvre and annihilate the League’s ships, or League players if they are bold enough to step a foot on the GM's ship. Keep in mind you may die in your service for Yasker, so prepare your Phylacteries and kiss your wives (or husbands) goodbye before joining us!
  • If cameramen or reporters are interested in capturing this epic battle, please report to the GM’s by private message on the Guild Portal. We will make sure to keep you a warm seat on the GM's ship, although we can’t assure your survival!

Here are the rules of the event:

  • Players will have to register their ship and crew by through the Guild Portal.
  • Empire players only have to register their names. First come first served!
  • Please make sure you include what server and Faction you are on when signing up!
  • Registrations will start today, Friday the 18th of February and will end on the Sunday the 20th of February at Midnight.
  • Ships are to be ready for the battle for the 22nd on ZAK at 18:00 WET and the 24th on ISA at 18:00 WET.
  • Only the Astral ships who registered on this topic will be able to claim their “hardware” for any ships destroyed in battle. If you appear with a ship which wasn’t registered, you won’t be able to participate at all.
  • If any unrecognised Astral ships, aka those unknown to the list made under the Port Authority, take part in one way or another in the Astral battle, they will be asked to pull away. If they do not comply with the GM's orders they will be destroyed instantly, with no possibility of repairs from the Port Authority. No Pirates Allowed!

Yasker and Aidenus would like to offer rewards to the braves sailors and Astral fighters, fighting for the pride of the motherland!

This is what await the ships of the losing faction. The rewards will be given to the Captain of the ship who will distribute these items to his crew:

  • Hardware for ship repairs, will be given the Ship’s captain.

And for the winning faction's ships that are left in one piece:

  • 60 Acid Flasks
  • 20 Symbols of victory
  • Hardware for ship repairs

These will also be given to the Captain’s ship while in the Astral, so make sure to stay gathered at the meeting point.

And for the brave war correspondents who dared to record this event, we will do an event to reward the best videos submitted! You will have from the 22nd of February until the 4th of March to submit a video following the instructions below. The winners will be revealed on the 10th of March.

Here’s the conditions for your video:

  • First make your video. The closer to HD, the better.
  • The video should be a minimum of 2:30 minutes. If you need help making your video, feel free to get help from your friends. Bear in mind that only the player who has submitted the video will receive the prizes though.
  • Upload it on YouTube. No other video service will be accepted.
  • Once uploaded , give it the title: [Allods MMORPG] Astral Assault
  • Give it the following tags (psst, copy paste from here): astral assault allods online gPotato.eu online Europe mmorpg
  • In the description you are free to put whatever text you'd like.
  • Once you've filled in the following information, and published it, you'll need to upload it to the Allods Online Guild Portal.
  • You can paste the link of your video on the following page: Embed a Video. The video will not appear right away as it will have to be approved.
  • If the video has followed the guide lines, then it will be approved. Your video will have been placed in the competition.

The 5 best YouTube videos selected by the jury will win 4 Custom tickets, enough to revamp your ship and strut through the Astral with pride!

Ships and reporters, this is your time to shine in the Astral and show what your hours of navigation have taught you, the fate of your faction depends on it!

Next month will be the League's turn to defend their homeland and no doubt, the Game Masters will call on a dedicated crew for this adventure!