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2010 - Witch Hunt

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Things couldn't get worst between the well known Svetlana Valir, undead princess and certified witch, and her evil husband "Manyon", prince of darkness, demonic summoner and household lover. Months of couple therapy only lead to one concession, they've broke up. But they're now fighting over the splitting of goods, lands and powers. Svetlana, as princess suposed, owns tremendous financial resources and benefits from a powerful relationship among the devilish creatures. She hands over her case to the powerful law office branch of Armando inc.

How unfortunate for Manyon who has lost most of his own fortune in a unsuccessful financial venture in buying millions of gold of "Imperial Bonds" which been declared unredeemable after Yasker declaration of war against Astral Demons. Odds seems to stack in advantage of Svetlana but Manyon hasn't played his last card just yet, and has come up with an even more evil plan than ever before... He knows Svetlana's weakness and plans on pleading "persistent infidelity" and "immoral undead behaviors" against Svetlana in front of the court. He then plans to get indisputable proves of Svetlana flirting with real humans knowing her appetite for fresh flesh.
Through undercover messengers, he has spread the news that who ever manage to get a picture of him/herself on side of Svetlana in unequivocal damning evidence would get potent elixirs of chance as a reward. But it's all matter of time as proves are to be gathered before 1st November in order for Manyon to see his plan succeed and get a fair trial (or unfair depends on perspective). Adventurers, bounty hunters and intrepid investigators of Sarnaut now all dream of getting their share of the deal but yet no one knows where to find Svetlana as she's on tour for Halloween...

The Rules!

There are 26 distinctive locations to spot the witch. You can try get them all in order to collect all 26 elixirs but bear in mind you can upload only one screenshot per location. In other words, you can't reuse the same location in the hope to get more than one elixir. You also can't use someone else's screenshot to benefit from his/her discovery. You must be on side of witch, in the picture and allow the GM to clearly identify your character. Don't hesitate to wear funny outfits and use posture as you go!

1 - Register on the Guild Portal
2 - Create a photo album named "Witch Hunt"
3 - Upload inside of the album up to 26 screenshots mentioning the location in the name of picture "Witch Hunt/Area"
4 - Post a link of your photo album in the discussion
5 - Submission end on Sunday 31/10 at midnight
6 - You will receive your elixirs of luck via in-game mail during the following week.
7- Minimum level to take part is 15, and no multiple accounts! (we'll be watching you...)
8 - Not meeting the above rules will prevent you from getting your reward!

Make sure to take part. Even finding 1 witch will net you a free elixir!