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2010 - Ultimate Stress Test

The armies of the League and Empire are amassing their numbers! Will you answer the call of your allies and enter in what will forever be known as Slaughter Week?


Slaughter week begins on Monday the 18th of January and will last until Monday the 25th of January. That’s a whole week’s worth of open play, with possible in-game surprises! What will players have to do in Slaughter week? Easy, get as many as their friends online and cause havoc all around the allods. Groups might even run into some unexpected enemies in the most unlikely of places...but you’ll have to log into Allods Online to see for yourself.


We want to saturate each shard with players, so make sure you have registered your interest to take part in this glorious week-long event!


Phase 3 of the European Allods Online Closed Beta Test will start next week. The maximum character level will be increased to level 34, giving players a head-start to build up their strength before for Slaughter week. Players who have come from Closed Beta Test phase 2 into Closed Beta Test phase 3 will not have to download a new client!


In order to celebrate the launch of Closed Beta Test phase 3, any player who has registered or registers at http://allods.gPotato.eu/ad/ before the 22nd of January will be granted access to Allods Online for Slaughter Week and the remaining phases of the Closed Beta Test.


If you do not have just yet access to the game, you will need to register your interest through our official registration website here, in order to participate to the Slaughter week.


Get ready for battle!