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2010 - The Story of Mother Frost

There is a story told across the allods of a woman who lived in the deep snows of the north before the Great Cataclysm.  Some say this woman was once companion to Tensess, others say she was Nezeb’s empress, still others say that she exists independent of any petty conflict between the League and the Empire.  Whatever they say about her past, in all tongues she is named the same: Mother Frost.  No one has ever seen her , though everyone calls her beautiful.


It is said that during the winter, she is her most powerful, and her most benevolent.  In ages past, children would send her scraps – old shoes or holey socks – during the winter time.  Before the Great Cataclysm, in the deep of winter, she would send each of those children a small gift as a token of thanks.  When those children grew, they assumed their parents had stayed up late on those snowy nights each year, to put a brightly wrapped package in the child’s mailbox, and many now consider her a myth.


They are, of course, wrong.  And she is, of course, patiently waiting for this year’s contributions.  Stay tuned to the official forums for an update on how you can claim one of her presents this year.  We will post a complete list of items Mother Frost seeks this year on Wednesday, December 23rd at 1600 GMT


Ladies and Gentlemen of Sarnaut,

Mother Frost has announced her wish list for this holiday season. If you would like to receive a prize please send one set of items from the following list:

(The list has been divided into two tiers of difficulty, those who manage to successfully complete an item from the upper tier will receive a bonus prize)


 Lower Tier
5x Ordinary Lock
5x Plain Trap
5x Shield of Irregular Spiked Metal
 Upper Tier
5x Intricate Lock
5x Intricate Trap
5x Shield of Irregular Reinforced Metal

 Lower Tier
5x Jacket Irregular of Enchanted Leather
5x Bracers Irregular of Enchanted Leather
5x Gloved Irregular of Enchanted Leather
 Upper Tier
5x Gloves Flawed of Enchanted Leather
5x Belt Flawed of Enchanted Leather
5x Boots Flawed of Enchanted Leather

 Lower Tier
5x Belt Irregular of Imbued Cloth
5x Shirt Irregular of Imbued Cloth
5x Gloves Irregular of Imbued Cloth
 Upper tier
5x Shirt Flawed of Enchanted Cloth
5x Gloves Flawed of Enchanted Cloth
5x Bracers Flawed of Enchanted Cloth

 Lower Tier
12x Weak Bodyguard’s potion
12x Weak Illusionist’s potion
12x Weak Wiseman’s potion
 Upper Tier
12x Lesser Bodyguard’s potion
12x Lesser Illusionist’s potion
12x Lesser Wiseman’s potion 

Remember, since there are no more shard wipes scheduled for closed beta testing, the prizes you receive from this event will last until the end of the closed beta.

Completed orders can be sent via in game mail to:
Mother Frost for the League
MotherFrost for the Empire.

This even will run from 16:30 on Wednesday the 23rd of December to 16:30 on Monday the 28th of December. Please note that all entries received after the event closes will be discarded.

Here is a list of rules to keep in mind:

    Each player must send a set of any item on the list to Mother Frost (League) or MotherFrost (Empire).
    Players may send any of the items on list however combinations will not be accepted.
    Eg. Players may send 5 Ordinary Locks or 5 Plain Traps, but 2 Ordinary Locks and 3 Plain Traps will not result in a prize.
    Only one present per character will be sent.
    Duplicate entries will be ignored.
    Spamming will result in a ban.
    Items sent to the wrong name will not be reimbursed or counted.
    Items must be exactly what is requested or they may be rejected.
    Rewards will be given during the week after the event has ended.
    All submissions must be received by 1630 GMT on Monday 28th of December.

Good luck and enjoy your weekend!

Best regards,
Your Allods Online Team