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2010 - The Skrakan Cup

Great sporting events only come once every four ye...err, once in a blue astral! And since the Astral glows a constant blue, I think it's fair to say that it's time for a great sporting event!" - Random Xadagadian


With this wise quote in mind, the Allods Online Team is happy to announce The Skrakan Cup!

The Skrakan Cup will be the first official Goblin-O-Ball tournament for European Allods Online players. Some of the most skillfull and determined Goblin-O-Ball players will gather at the Goblin-O-Ball Stadium and take part in a test of speed, skill, and a battle of the mind!


Does your team have what it takes to win? If so, we will be accepting applications on our official forum for the Skrakan Cup this Friday, the 7th of May.


To give you an idea of what to expect here is a quick guide:


Recruitment will begin from this Friday (7th of May) and onwards...

    Teams will consist of 8 players. 6 players and 2 substitutes in case one of the starting 6 can't make it.


Matches will then be organised and communicated to the public.


Last (but not least) Skrakan cup starts!


More information regarding rules and how the tournament works will be available closer to the tournament, for now all you need to know is that there will be plenty of prizes for those who win (and also consolation prizes for those who lose!).


"Get 'yer team ready for recruitment Friday!" - Random Orc