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2010 - Photo Scavenger Hunt

Cameras at the ready!

The Allods Online team is pleased to announce that we will be holding the second Closed Beta Test phase 1 event. While the previous event tested your mettle against scores of foes in a fierce player versus player battle, this event will assess your knowledge of the more obscure corners of the Allods Universe.


On Wednesday, December 2nd between 1700 and 2000 GMT the Game Master team will be facilitating an in-game Photo Scavenger Hunt.


The rules are simple:

1. Game Masters will post hints across several of our official channels (Twitter, Facebook, Ning, and our Official Forum): These hints will point at 10 locations within the League territories and 10 locations within the Imperial territories.

2. Players must travel to those locations and take a screenshot of their character at each of the locations.

3. Three Game Masters will also be hidden within the world: Hints will be posted here and there, and might even appear within the game itself.

Players must also take a screenshot with each of the three Game Masters.

4. Players must post a link to these 13 screenshots via our Official Forums, on the event topic thread. This thread will be posted at 1700 GMT on the day.

5. All players who successfully screenshot each of the 13 locations will recieve a reward via in-game mail, the following day.


Further details:


•     When taking the screenshot, please ensure that the name of any relevant Player Character is clearly visible.

•     All screenshots must be at least 750x370 resolution, though higher resolutions are welcomed.

•     Screenshots may not be submitted via email or by any means other than via our Official Forums in the posted event thread

•     While you are able to use whatever photo hosting site you prefer, we highly recommend using our Official Guild Portal.

•     Submissions of any fake/maliciously-altered images/time stamps may incur an account ban.

•     All screenshots must be included at the time the link is posted on our Official Forums. Edits may result in disqualification.

•     Any player found sharing the location of a Game Master to other players will be disqualified from the event.

•     All submissions must be within the event time: No sooner than 17:00GMT / No later than 20:00GMT


We very much look forward to seeing you in game and wish you best of luck in your hunting!