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2010 - Naked Gibberling Race

allods online naked gibberling rce header

With the upcoming Naked Gibberling Races we need to set a few ground rules. These rule are just in place to make sure that all Gibberlings and Orcs are happy (and naked) and that everyone can enjoy the event.

First off here are the times for each event

Wednesday November 10th

ZAK - 16:00 WET

ISA - 18:00 WET

Thursday November 11th

VLAD - 17:00 CET

AIRIN - 19:00 CET

Friday November 12th

ARO - 18:00

Here is the guidelines for the event:

Things to do now:

1. Create a level 1 Gibberling or a level 1 Orc. No other race will be accepted.
2. Your character must be level 1, in order to assure fairness to all racers, so do not level up your character or progress through the starting instances at all.
3. Remove all gear from this character.
4. Sign up on the Guild Portal or Forums! If you don't sign up now, you can sign up 30 minutes before the event starts.

When signing up, include the following!

Character Name:
Gibberling or Orc:

What will happen on the day of the event:

1. GMs will announce that they're now taking sign ups for the event. Players will have 30 minutes to sign up before the event starts.
2. GMs will take note of those players who whisper him, and will teleport players from the starting encounter to the starting location.
3. Once the GM confirms the character is naked, players will receive 10 fireworks and 10 megaphones.
4. As we prepare for the race, do not break the starting line. We will kill your character and the event will end early for you.
5. Once the 30 minute sign-ups have ended, we will start the race.
6. Anyone from outside the race (any other character that are not Naked Gibberlings or Orcs) caught interfering with the race will be killed on the spot, so beware!
7. To complete the race, players target the Finish line GM and emote towards them.
8. Top 3 contestants win a Stallion's Harness and a Sack of Vittles! Yeehaw!
9. All participants who finish within an hour (60 minutes) of the race start time will receive a stack of potent elixirs of luck.

The route for the races are open to interpretation, as long as your Naked Racer gets from the starting line to the finish line, they can take whatever route they wish! But to give you an idea, we have included a route that our events team tried out with their own level 1 racers.

allods online league race route

allods online empire race route

The League route is from the World Tree in Darkwater to the north of Siveria.

The Empire route is from Lookout Isle to the north of the Dead Sea.

Don't forget to include all details when signing up, and most important...make sure your naked!