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2010 - Kill The King

Are you ready to put your PvP skills to the test?

Your Allods Online Game Master team will be hosting an in-game event to test out the group Player versus Player mechanics. All are welcome, any level, any race, just be ready for blood!


[GM]King-Veleria will stand for the League while [GM]King-Raklard will stand for the Empire, as the two Kings. Your mission is simple, find and kill the “King” of the opposing faction. While defending and healing your king.


At 6pm GMT, each King will take their place at the Holy Land allod and call their armies together. The kings will stand at their respective camps, call the charge and lead the way to the battlefield. Be careful, dangerous and power monsters roam these lands!


Ships can be taken from the League and Empire capital cities (Novograd & Nezebgrad) directly to Holy Land. Game Masters will be ready to assist those at the capital ports to find the correct ship to Holy Land.


The faction who kills the opposing king 5 times will be the first official Close Beta Test phase 1, Player versus Player Champions, with forum postings and screenshots to immortalise the win!


All of this will be taking place on Thursday (26/11/2009), starting at 18:00 GMT... so don’t miss out!