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Wilds on Fire

Quest summary:

Burn 5 Termite Mounds for Dobrinya Nikitov.

Rewards Money: 21 Silver 75 Copper

Quest start:

The White Knight's crusade then took him to the Cursed Thicket. There are forest termites that have lived there for ages and never bothered anyone. But the White Knight got some sort of bug up his butt and decided to go to war with the insects. He's already killed countless hordes of the termites - and what good did it do?! The termites became so enraged that you can't even set one foot into the forest now.
But you and I, we'll be smarter - here, take this piece of Flintstone. You'll need to sneak up on the termite mound and set it on fire. Five termite mounds should do it. We'll show everyone who really cares about Darkwater and who only wants to brag!

Quest check:

I have a lot of respect for termites. The queen rules, the workers are busy working, and the soldiers are protecting everyone. A precise chain of command, what a pleasure to see!

Quest finished:

If I had the authority, I would have preferred to… uhh… liquidate that herald. We already have to run around and fix whatever the White Knight has botched up, we don't need this guy brainwashing our settlers too!