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Valir Settlement Portal

Quest summary:

Kill wolves, crows, and satyrs and summon the Portal Guardian using the Key. After he is satisfied, return to Vsevolod Mironov in the Valir Settlement to challenge the Guardian to a battle.

Rewards Money: 3 Silver 30 Copper

Quest start:

Hail, traveler. You wish to open this portal? I can help, but it won't be easy.

Our portals have been infected by creatures claiming to be the portals' guardians. They won't let anyone pass unless they have satiated the guardian's hunger.
Once you have what he wants, you must summon him by using this key. He will appear and tell you what you must do next. Continue this until he is satisfied. Then you will return to me to face the demon and defeat him in battle.

Only after you have bested him will he grant you access to this portal.

This particular guardian hungers for wolves, crows, and satyrs. Feed him what he asks and then return to me to challenge the guardian!

Quest check:

You may only use the portal after the guardian has been defeated.

Quest finished:


The portal guardian has granted you access!