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Those Persistent Rebels!

Quest summary:

Learn more about the rebels in Darkwater by killing 75 for Maria Rosinova in the Settlement.

Rewards Money: 11 Silver 56 Copper

Quest start:

Hello, adventurer! As you may have noticed, this land is far from perfect and I'm sure they good people here have already begun asking for favors.

Luckily for you, the favor I'm going to ask is something that you're sure to do on your adventures anyway. We desperately want to learn more about the rebels that inhabit our area. Why, exactly, are they so hell bent on returning to the old ways?

You're bound to run into the soon, so when you do, see if you can't see what they're up to. And give them a great bump on the noggin for good measure!

Quest check:

Do those rebels tremble at the sound of your name yet?

Quest finished:

Thank you, this information is great!

Unfortunately, we still were unable to figure out why they blindly follow that man… Oh, well. Maybe next time.