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The Xadaganian Rug

Quest Summary:

Bring the Xadaganian Rug to Ivan Tsarevsky.

Rewards Money: 11 Silver 88  Copper

Quest start:

Does anyone else have a wife like this? Instead of warming the bed at night, she just sits there making bug-eyes at me and croaking. She's cold and slimy. I wish I could just leave it all and go join Andrey at the tavern!

But no, my father has come up with a new test. He decided that he needed to see how good his daughters-in-law are at weaving. I managed to make that loaf of bread, but weaving is a complex skill!

Fortunately, I heard that the werebears in the Werebear Grove recently attacked a wagon train. They say there was a real Xadaganian rug in the cargo. Can you guess where I'm going with this? We'll say that it's the work of my wife!

The rug must be somewhere in the den of the werebears. Their leader is a powerful, old, and experienced werebear. They say that he hoards all of his treasures in his cave. He must have it! Go to their den, kill the chief, and take the rug. I'm sure you can handle it.

Quest check:

I don't know how much longer my father is going to torment me. I hope that the rug is the final test. Then I could finally become a widower…

Quest finished:

Once again, you're a life saver! How I hate this family life!