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The Wonderloaf

Quest summary:

Bring 10 Sugar Canes for Ivan Tsarevsky.

Rewards Money: 23 Silver 76 Copper

Quest start:

Just because you've married a toad doesn't not mean that the worst is behind you. I thought I'd pour some dirty water into a basin for my betrothed and let her live in a storage closet somewhere - just as long as no one knows about it.

Unfortunately, father wants to have a bridal show with his daughters-in-law. He wants each one of them to bake him a sumptuous loaf of bread. Can you imagine what this bug-eyed creature would be able to bake?

No, I wouldn't dream of trusting you with such a sensitive matter. I'll work the oven myself! It would be a great help if you would bring me ten sugar canes. They like the sun, so you'll find them wherever trees don't grow. Your best bet would probably be the Kudykin Altar. And above all, hold your tongue! No one can learn of this!

Quest check:

My mother always added sugar cane to her bread. The guests would stuff themselves so much, they couldn't get up from the table.

Quest finished:

Thanks so much! I'd make some extra for you, but I'm in a bit of a hurry right now.