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The Wolf Threat

Quest summary:

Kill 15 Black Wolves and return to Dobrinya Nikitov.

Rewards Money: 23 76

Quest Items and Rewards:

Jerkin of the Darkwater Defender
Breechs of the Darkwater Defender
Slippers of the Darkwater Defender
Darkwater Defender's Chestguard

Quest start:

The White Knight is muddling things up the most in the north.

I have too few guards to look after everything so it's not surprising that the wolves have appeared in such numbers near Arrowsong Crossing. Veleslav is probably happy about that, but I'm not! To me, people are a hundred times more important than any forest beast. So I'm giving you this task - kill fifteen black wolves.

If you manage to do it, come back to me for a reward.

Quest check:

The wolves used to only walk the backwoods paths, never poking their noses out of the thicket. And what is happening now? They are attacking people on the highway!

Quest finished:

Great, now we have something to show Aidenus. That old man will be pleased.