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The Wolf's Message

Quest summary:

Convey the wolf's message to Luchezar Popov.

Rewards Money: 6 Silver 61 Copper

Quest start:

I am but an animal, but I know what's going on. I can smell it - the air reeks of horror, the ground shudders under my paws, the bones of an ancient king are turning over in their grave. My eyes also observe your stupidity. Instead of hunting me, you should be saving the soul!

He who talks loudly about Valir roots is in fact involved in dark and ghastly deeds and is to blame for much evil that has descended upon our land. It isn't me you should be hunting! If your mind is not able to grasp all this, go and seek the help of he who brings Light.

Take this horn, sound it and I shall come running to your aid! I am ready to stand and fight at your side!

We shall meet again!

Quest check:

The bloodthirsty wolf that the White Knight's herald has been shouting of, speaks in kind and intelligent words? Great are your doings, oh eternal Light!

Quest finished:

To save the soul… Hm… But what soul are we talking about? Yours? I can see right through you, your soul is pure and nothing threatens it. What could this mean? Report to me if anything unusual happens to you on your journey - saving souls is my job, after all.