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The Witch's Second Task

Quest summary:

Gather 10 portions of Toad Slime for Agniya Charova.

Rewards Money: 21 Silver 75 Copper

Quest start:

Now we need toad slime, urgently. And then we will have… No, I don't trust you enough yet. We'll have a valuable magical experiment - let's just put it that way.
If you try hard and do a good job, I'll take you with me! I promise. But for now, bring me the slime from ten fat-bellied toads. They live in the Fusty Bog. I would go myself, but I need to soak the bat talons.

Quest check:

They say that toads cause warts - utter nonsense. Just look at me, have you ever seen such soft hands?

Quest finished:

Ah, toad slime! And so fatty! How wonderful!