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The Witch's First Errand

Quest summary:

Collect 5 Bat Talons and 5 Crab Hearts for Agniya Charova.

Rewards Money: 19 Silver 82 Copper

Quest Items and Rewards:

Shirt of the Ambitious
Vest of Transfiguration
Shirt of the Outcast

Quest start:

Hey, what are you staring at? Careful, you don't want to get burned! Don't you know it's dangerous to stare at a witch? Even if she's a beginner… Ask anyone, it's better to be friends with me! If you need to put a love spell or a curse on someone, remove a wreath of celibacy or put it back on, I do it all.

Why be an outcast for no good reason when you can make a pretty coin? I have big plans but I can't do it by myself. Will you help a young and beautiful witch?
I have come up with a magical experiment. I can't tell you the details, but I can say that neither our priest nor the druid have even dreamed of such a feat!

For starters, I need a few witching ingredients - claws and hearts. Five cave bat talons and five sea crab hearts should do. You can find these creatures to the south. So, do you think you can you handle it or shall I look for someone more capable?

Quest check:

The crabs live close to the sea and the bats live in a cave to the southwest. So, did you gather what I need?

Quest finished:

We're in business! Just think of the gold you will make by helping me. But, shhh, mum's the word! The Settlement doesn't need to know about our business.