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The White Knight

Quest summary:

Kill 10 Traitorous Sorcerers, 10 Traitorous Bandits, and Miroslav Kramolsky and report back to Dobrinya Nikitov.

Rewards Money: 25 silver 85 copper

Quest start:

It's time to carry out Aidenus' orders and end this Kanian mutiny!

Luchezar and Veleslav told me everything that they've managed to find out thanks to you. And so, the White Knight, Miroslav Kramolsky, is the son of Baba Yaga, and, as she asserts, of the last Valir Count. Oh well, I'm not interested in his family history - the verdict has already been made!

You'll find him in Rookmore, the ancient forest. He'll no doubt have a bunch of Kanian rebels with him. Kill them all.

If you prove yourself through this, you will receive a worthy reward from our entire Settlement.

Quest check:

Soon Darkwater will bounce back, free from the White Knight! I just don't know how long it will take us to recover from his acts of charity.

Quest finished:

It is done! The salvation of Darkwater is your achievement! Your name will be preserved in the annals of our land! I am certain that the world will hear about you yet again. And this weapon will serve you well.