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The Unicorn Slayer

Quest summary:

Find and kill the unicorn hunter, Miroslav Lyutov, that is hiding out in the Settlement and speak with the druid afterwards.

Rewards XP: 450

Rewards Money: 15 Silver 84 Copper

Quest Items and Rewards:

Protector's Sword
Swindler's Promise
Holy Man's Knife
Guardian's Mace

Quest start:

You want to know what brought about the curse of the unicorns? It's not just about the Cursed Castle Blight!

Kanians themselves are to blame for everything! Even unicorns, the most beautiful of beasts, could not escape their disgusting greed. People have been ruthlessly hunting and killing unicorns, and for what? So this natural wonder - their magical horns - could be exchanged for a despicable metal! Awash in blood, the unicorns cried for vengeance. And I, the Spirit of Vengeance, took the unicorn leader's body to complete my mission - revenge!

But now that I have abandoned the body that contained me, I am free and you will have to finish what I started. You will find a unicorn killer at the Settlement. Completely devoid of courage, this despicable murderer and trader was too afraid to leave Darkwater after the bandits started ambushing travelers on the roads. A poor decision. You shall be the weapon of revenge. Kill him.

I will reward you well, I promise, but it will at another time, in another place, and with a different face. You'll recognize me when the time comes.

Quest check:

Many wars will break out, many passions will surge, things will pass and abate, and the Spirit of Vengeance will never give up.
There will always be a place for it in this world! It will always be a part of me, a part of Kania!

Quest finished:

You're demanding a reward for the deed?!

Oh, since the Spirit of Vengeance demands that I do so… Then let it be so! Take this weapon as your reward and slay my enemies with it!