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The Spirit of the Aviaks

Quest summary:

Sneak into the Aviak camp in the Thousand Wings Forest and speak with the spirit they worship.

Rewards Money: 23 Silver 76 Copper

Quest start:

Now that we are able to communicate with spirits, it is time to spread the Light and drive away the darkness.

There are Aviaks living in the Thousand Wings. They have never been on good terms with us and immediately chose to side with the White Knight. And now, rumors have reached me that they have, supposedly, abandoned the Light altogether. The Aviaks started worshiping some kind of spirit - this must be a mighty spirit to have an entire tribe in its service! You will have to sneak into the lair of the flying creatures and try to talk to this spirit. It won't be easy - the Aviak camp is very well fortified and guarded. But this is the chance for us, for all of Darkwater! The spirit is most likely contained in an idol. Try talking to it - that could clarify things!

Quest check:

The Spirit of Freedom is finally free! No limits and no laws for me!

Quest finished:

The only form of imprisonment that I will accept is to be part of the Soul of Kania! What? You've never heard of the Soul of Kania?!